If you want to bring something new and interesting to your table, consider bringing a table runner into the mix. A colorful table runner can make things even more unique. 

Table runners, unlike tablecloths, don’t cover the whole surface of your table, meaning they can act as accent pieces, add texture to your display, or simply tie your other décor together.

Finding fun and colorful table runners that work for you can help you take your event to the next level with minimal effort. So, it’s certainly worthwhile to do so!

All About Using a Table Runner: What, Why, & How

Accessories like table runners can help bring a lot of character, individuality, and beauty to your tables and events. 

Unlike tablecloths, runners take up a limited amount of space and thus are great for layering or introducing bold elements to your décor. 

That’s why finding unique, colorful table runners is such a great idea; not only can you make your tables look more professional, you can play with looks and finishes that may be a bit too intense for your other linens.

To make sure your table runners pop, consider things like color scheme, texture, patterns, and material. For instance, a colorful woven table runner may be a great fit for parties, but something lacy and classy may be ideal for weddings.

Is it OK to Use a Table Runner With a Tablecloth?

It’s absolutely alright to use a table runner with or without a tablecloth. We recommend pairing your runner with a tablecloth to help protect your table itself, but also to make your runner stand out and look its best. 

Table runners are, as a matter of fact, a great way to add some life and personality to basic or affordable tablecloths, especially if you’re on a budget.

Whether you’re setting up a dining room or a baby shower, incorporating multiple types of table linens into your final display can help you make your event feel truly special.

Are Table Runners Supposed to Hang Over?

Depending on how long your table is, your runner may or may not hang over. It’s typical for table runners to hang over a bit on the end, especially when working with round tables, but that doesn’t mean they have to do so. 

Hangover generally makes your table look a bit more polished and formal, but don’t be afraid to deviate from this if your plans are better suited for the space and design you have in mind.

What Color Should My Table Runner Be?

Choosing a table runner that works well with the other linens on your table, including a tablecloth, napkins, etc., is key; color is a big part of making sure everything comes together cohesively. 

That doesn’t mean you should stray away from bold or bright colors, though, or hues that are outside of the color scheme you’ve used elsewhere.

Sometimes playing with contrast or unexpected pops of color can be attractive. Even if you decide to keep it simple, understanding that there are no rules for what your runner “should” look like is important. 

Some ideas for color combinations that might provide some inspiration include:

  • Experiment with dark and light. Black or other dark table runners may seem intense for most events, but they can provide some beautiful contrast that only stands to highlight your other décor. 

  • Choose darker or lighter hues of your main colors. If you plan an event where certain colors are truly the focus (blue or pink for a baby shower or gender reveal party, for instance), try playing with different shades to create a layered and nuanced look.

  • Select a color that creates a certain atmosphere. Some color schemes can aid in the creation of a particular feel for your event. Dark greens paired with creams and white, for instance, brings a much more down-to-earth, rustic feel to the event.

  • Add hints of gold, silver, etc. for a pop. Vibrant and eye-catching shades like gold are great accents, and they pair well with essentially any color you might think of!

  • 5 Colorful Table Runners for Spicing Up Your Display: Our Picks

    Here at Urquid Linen, we create only the best-quality and most beautiful table runners to make it simple to find a product that works for you. 

    We have over 300 unique fabric collections, and many come in a full rainbow of colors, meaning we offer 1,800 different table runners to choose from. Our inventory is vast and expansive enough to make it possible for anyone to find a table runner that fits their needs and vision.

    Plus, all of our linens are created to order and customizable. You’ll never have to cut corners on your dream décor again when you shop with Urquid!

    Below are some of our top picks for runners that don’t just get the job done, but add a lot of unique and fun energy to the tables they become a part of.

    1. Classic Striped Table Runners

    There’s nothing wrong with keeping things relatively simple with a basic, striped table runner. Striped runners bring some fun patterning to the table without taking over or overwhelming other décor that may be on display.

    Try our Lamour Stripe Table Runner, which features bold, chunky stripes and a beautiful finish perfect for just about any event. 

    2. Boho Burlap Table Runners

    The down-to-earth and rugged look and feel of a burlap (or faux burlap) table runner is great for rustic table displays, outdoor events, and more. Pair these runners with pops of gold, candles, or greenery for a more cohesive look. 

    Our Imitation Burlap Table Runner is the perfect choice for achieving these goals, and its warm hue is incredibly inviting.

    3. Fun and Unique Printed Table Runners

    Printed, patterned table runners can bring a lot to your display, especially if you’re working with relatively simple décor elsewhere. 

    Floral, animal, and traditional pattern prints (polka dots, lines, etc.) are beautiful and whimsical additions that can help you set your event apart from the rest.

    Our Printed Table Runners, including our Blush Bouquet Table Runner, are perfect for bringing something special to your tables. Jump into spring with a leafy or floral print, or keep things interesting with a bold patterned design.

    4. Vintage Lace and Glamorous Sequin Table Runners

    Few things scream classic elegance like lace, sequins, and sparkles. Textured table linens that feature these elements go a step above the rest by adding some depth to your display, too. 

    Our Valentina Lace Table Runner is a great example of a runner that combines design (a lacy embroidered pattern) with texture and a unique finish.

    5. Bold, Modern Metallic Table Runners

    The shimmer and shine of a silver, metallic table runner is hard to beat. 

    Wow your guests with a runner that captures the beauty of the evening in its reflection or adds some interesting texture to the display. Our Leaf (Metallic Print) Table Runner is a wonderful choice to do so.

    Accessories to Complement Colorful Table Runners

    To finish your table setup, be sure to consider what sort of accessories you may use in conjunction with your runner and other pieces. Will you use lighting? What sort of flatware might you use? Flowers?

    Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind as you decide on not just a table runner, but also how to incorporate it into your larger design plans:

  • Greenery: Things like ivy, leaves, floral garland, etc. may all come into play and impact what type of runner you use. If you plan to add these sorts of pieces, it may be wise to opt for a pattern that will still look nice while partially covered.

  • Candles and lights: Some fabrics may not be the safest to use near a flame, and others may not look their best under this sort of lighting.

  • Centerpieces: Centerpieces should connect to the rest of the table in terms of aesthetic, to be sure to choose one that matches the overall vibe of your runner and tablecloth. A macrame centerpiece, for instance, may work well with rustic-looking linens, but not glitzy, glamorous ones.

  • Themes: Are there certain ideas that should come through in each piece of your décor? For example, when planning a Christmas or holiday party, you may need to consider things like color, symbolism and imagery, and more as you create your display.

  • At the end of the day, colorful table runners can add a lot of value to your table display. They can be the sort of piece that makes (or breaks) a truly elevated design into something your guests won’t forget.