Where do your seams go?

Read below to learn more about seam placement on your tablecloths.



WHAT ARE SEAMS? In order to make many different tablecloth sizes, you need to seam/sew pieces of fabric together to create the desired size (similar to clothing).

HOW DO YOU DETERMINE WHERE SEAMS ARE PLACED? Depending on the width of the particular fabric and the specific size of the linen, seams can be placed in various areas. We will always place seams in the least visible areas to ensure you get as nice of a look as possible on your tablecloths.


CAN YOU AVOID SEAMS? In most cases, you cannot avoid having a seam on your tablecloths. For example, most fabrics are approximately 60” wide and if your linen exceeds that size in any direction, you must seam pieces of fabric together to achieve the desired size.


DO ALL FABRICS HAVE THE SAME SEAM PALCMENT? No. Fabrics widths can vary per collection however, there are (2) general groups that most will fall under. Standard Width (approx 50”-60” wide), or Double Width (approx 110”-120” wide).