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Planning a wedding or special event? Needing linens for your restaurant? No matter what the occasion is, using the right fabrics and linens can significantly enhance the look and feel of any event. With our affordable wholesale prices and unmatched selection, Urquid Linen is your first, and best stop for wholesale fabrics for any occasion.

Wholesale Tablecloths in Every Style

Finding the right fabric design can enhance any venue. Looking for wedding tablecloths with vibrant or neutral colors in various prints or patterns? Lace or Sequins Table Runners for your wedding head table? A Sheer Voile or Chiffon Pipe and Drape Backdrop? Metallic burlap napkins for a formal dinner party? Gold Charger plates or flatware for your bridal dinner? Or even a wrinkle-free box pleat skirt to decorate a stage? These are just some of the many products we carry. Each of them made from quality materials obtained from trusted sources and cut and sewn at our Los Angeles facility. We are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction and promise quality in both materials and workmanship. We also provide complete Pipe & Drape components and a range of Dinnerware goods, making us the ideal choice for your next event.

Top Quality Fabric Products are Just a Click Away

Whether its Linen Tablecloths, Lace or Sequins Overlays, Velvet Drapes, Burlap Table Runners, or a Flame Retardant Pipe & Drape kit, Urquid Linen offers the best products available in the special event industry. We work closely with many businesses such as Rental Companies, Event Planners, Banquet Halls & Hotels, Restaurants, Churches, Schools and much more. To order our products, simply visit our website at or give us a call at (800) 590-9508.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We at Urquid Linen are experts at providing the highest-quality linens and tablecloths because we have years of experience and know what we're doing. From elegant banquet spreads for a more intimate dining space or casual tablecloths for party rental companies, we have a vast selection of high-quality tablecloths to meet your needs. We're dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and are confident that our wide range of table linens will exceed your expectations. Furthermore, if you have any problems, our excellent customer service team is ready and able to assist.

The best advice we can give you is to get your event or wedding tablecloths from a wholesale tablecloth supplier, such as Urquid Linen. We have established ourselves as a go-to source for table linens for restaurants, hotels, party rental companies, banquet centers, wedding reception halls, and catering service companies. This is partly because of the affordable prices we offer as well as the quality that our tablecloths and other linens are known for. Our wide assortment of unique tablecloths, rectangle tablecloths, and round tablecloths should be able to suit the table linen needs of your business or for your event, whether you're looking for cheap tablecloths or wholesale tablecloths. Why rent tablecloths when you can buy high-quality ones at affordable prices? Why settle for something you don't love when you can find the perfect materials, shapes, and sizes to complement your table cover? Whatever you're looking for, we have it!

Yes! You should wash any type of table linen before using it. The tablecloths may have dye residue from the production process that needs to be cleaned off. Furthermore, the initial wash strengthens the fabric's stain resistance. With our premium tablecloth line, the soft-touch finish and stain-release qualities are activated after the first wash, making the textured material soft and silky. This will also ensure that your event linens hang perfectly.

The appearance of your hotel or bed and breakfast usually has a significant impact on how people perceive it in general. Nobody wants to stay in a run-down place; therefore, it's imperative that you make your place of business or residence look as warm and inviting as you can. A nice tablecloth is the best way to welcome guests, and Urquid Linen has lots to choose from!

All tablecloths look and feel better after being starched and it also serves as a protective barrier against dirt and debris. It is easy to starch cotton tablecloths because all you need to do is add the right quantity of starch to the washing machine. However, you can use the same technique for polyester and poly-cotton tablecloths.

Table linen should be run through a shallow bed ironer for pressing. The ironer needs to be set to the proper speed. You should remove the tablecloths from the ironer when they are "just" dry. They risk getting glazed, stretched, and twisted if you iron them when they're completely dry.

To soften dirt that has dried on the cloth, the first step is a break-wash in cold, clean water (up to 35°C). The next step involves a wash at 60°C for approximately six minutes, followed by eight minutes at 80°C. You could use sodium percarbonate to help with cleaning. Polyester tablecloths might need a little more care because oil-based stains can be difficult to remove. The tablecloths should then be washed while gradually cooling to avoid creasing.

To find the perfect event linens, there are several factors you need to consider, such as:

  • Materials: Disposable covers are great for casual parties and are typically only used once; however, cloth table linens help create upmarket settings and are made to withstand everyday use.
  • Size and shape: The size of a tablecloth assists in projecting the event’s sense of formality. A 6-8" drop is ideal for informal events, while a 10-15" drop is more appropriate for formal occasions.
  • Color: While white and ivory are often used in formal settings, strong colors, when combined with other tabletop elements, may produce dramatic backdrops and celebratory displays.
  • The event's theme: Table linens can help set the atmosphere for a meal, whether that might be cheerful and joyful, romantic and elegant, or formal and businesslike.
  • Price: With so many different table linen choices available, you can choose tablecloths that satisfy all of your needs, including fitting within your budget!
  • Cleanup requirements: Reusable table linens can be accommodated in larger facilities with storage room and laundry equipment, although on-the-go services and casual parties might choose disposable tablecloths.

If you're not sure what table linen to go for, give us a call, and one of our experienced representatives will be more than willing to help you out.

You can buy wholesale tablecloths in neutral colors. That way, it can be used for a variety of occasions, including birthday parties, weddings, bridal showers, and corporate events. Wholesale tablecloth prices are also affordable. First, figure out how much it will cost to rent tablecloths for an event. Next, get a quote for buying wholesale table linens. With just a few events, you'll be able to recoup the cost of these tablecloths. You'll also save money because you won't need to rent tablecloths every time you host an event.

You won't have to be concerned about any last-minute notices, problems, or cancellations if you buy wholesale linens. In fact, planning an occasion is stress-free since you have the tablecloths in storage. When renting, the table linens usually only arrive up to three days before the event, which is extremely stressful. You also don't have to worry about returning the tablecloths, washing them properly immediately, etc. when you buy your own.