Spandex table covers and spandex chair covers are an event planner’s best friend – they help keep things clean, sleek, and colorful. But there’s a lot to consider before you purchase any spandex covers to ensure that you make the right choice for your needs.

Benefits of Using Spandex Table and Chair Covers

Spandex may not be the first thing you think of when decorating, but it’s a wonderful material to use, especially when looking to cover fold-out tables and transform them from looking cheap to looking professional and unique.

These handy linens have a lot to bring to the table, including:

  • Durability. The stretchy, yet resilient nature of spandex lends itself well to being used time and time again. Spandex table and chair covers are tough enough to handle wear and tear without deteriorating in appearance.
  • Affordability. Thanks to the cost of spandex itself and its potential for long-term use, spandex table and chair covers are a great budget-friendly decoration option, especially if you’re making arrangements for a larger venue.
  • Versatility. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, wedding reception, or are just looking to add to an existing venue, spandex table covers and chair covers are simple and sophisticated enough to adapt to just about any set of circumstances.
  • Longevity. Spandex is resistant to wrinkles and stains, which means you can keep your table and chair covers around for a much longer time than you might expect. 

Tips and Tricks for Spandex Table Covers

High quality spandex table covers are made from durable spandex fabric that can stretch to cover your table from top to bottom, even if you’re working with a large banquet table.

They’re great for protecting your tables while still adding a touch of flair to your venue, and their simple appearance means that they can still be decorated to your liking.

You can easily apply your table covers by sliding the material over the top of your table, pulling it down, and adjusting its corners so that each table leg fits into the durable elastic foot pockets.

To get the best results from your spandex table covers, always choose high-quality materials that make sense for the size and function of your table.

Care is also an important part of long-term preservation; fold and store your table covers in a safe place when not in use, and be sure to regularly clean them to keep them fresh and vibrant-looking.

How to Wash Spandex Table Covers

Though spandex table covers are easy to care for, taking them to a professional dry cleaner to get them cleaned will yield the best results. Those who specialize in cleaning and caring for materials like spandex can help them look and feel like new.

If you do choose to wash your table covers at home, take care to do it without too much force, harsh chemicals, or other things that may damage your materials. 

We recommend beginning with a hand wash using lukewarm water and a mild detergent. If you machine wash your covers, be sure to use the lowest heat setting, and still stick with a mild detergent to avoid creating any stains. 

When it’s time to dry, hanging your table covers is typically the best way to go. A low-heat tumble dry in a machine can also get the job done.

It’s best to always do a test before washing and drying all of your spandex table or chair covers in a machine. Each model is different and may have specific needs or limitations you’ll want to consider. 

Plus, doing a test allows you to avoid unexpectedly ruining or damaging your spandex.

Tips and Tricks for Spandex Chair Covers

Old tables, plastic tables, tables with stains or wear and tear, all of these options are affordable and easy to find. But, of course, they look old, or like something that you pulled together last minute. For that reason, we recommend using spandex to :

  • add color to your event
  • quickly make sure all tables and chairs match with the theme and color for the rest of your event
  • make an eclectic collection of tables and chairs look uniform and deliberate
  • make those old tables and chairs look brand new again


As is the case for table covers, learning how to put on spandex chair covers is a breeze: simply place the cover over the chair, pull it down halfway, and then adjust its corners until all of the chair’s legs fit into the foot pockets.

You can care for your spandex chair covers just like you would table covers and use gentle methods to cleanse and dry them.

Do spandex chair covers fit all chairs?

Unlike tables, which can vary in size but are usually pretty consistent in their shape, chairs come in all varieties, sizes, and finishes. But spandex is uniquely qualified to handle this challenge because of its ability to stretch and snap back into place.

That doesn’t mean that all spandex chair covers on the market are capable of fitting each and every chair; you’ll need to find product options that are designed to be flexible without becoming too sheer, tearing, or losing their elasticity. 

That’s why we’ve ensured that our spandex chair covers fit nearly all standard banquet chairs, including crown top, square top, round top, stacking, and more. 

Even if you have a unique chair, we’ve got you covered - contact us to learn more about custom orders!

Can spandex banquet chair covers fit folding chairs?

You might find that some general spandex chair covers are capable of fitting folding chairs, but it’s best to shop for products that are created with this purpose in mind.

At Urquid, we offer spandex folding chair covers that are specifically designed to fit properly on folding chairs of all kinds. 

Stylish Ways to Use Spandex Table and Chair Covers: Our Tips

Whether you need spandex covers for round, rectangular, highboy/lowboy, a variety of banquet chairs, or something else entirely, Urquid Linen has what you need to transform your venue into one that’s as stylish as it is functional.

Part of helping your spandex pop is styling it with intention. The geometric silhouettes our covers create makes it easy to create something unique for your next event, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

Fill Space by Layering

The solid, uniform look that large table covers creates can easily be broken up by the addition of table runners, placemats, and other layering pieces. This is also a great opportunity to add color or experiment with different textures and finishes.

Black spandex table cover Urquid Linen


Spandex Rectangular Table Covers: Protect and preserve even large banquet tables with these rectangular spandex table covers, which serve as a beautiful foundation for the rest of your table settings.

Choose Colorful, Bold Décor

Because spandex table and chair covers are usually pretty basic in terms of design, it’s the perfect time to make use of fun and unique accessories and add some life to your tables.

Things like floral centerpieces, lanterns, candle holders, statement pieces, and more can be placed in the middle of or around your table to create a refined look. 

Round spandex table covers in particular may benefit from bold centerpieces that draw eyes to the middle of its shape. 

Spandex round table cover beige


Spandex Round Table Covers: These staple spandex table covers are durable, versatile, and flexible; you’d be hard-pressed to find a better choice to keep handy!

Coordinate Your Tables and Chairs

Covering your chairs opens a whole new world of possibilities. You may choose to pair them with table covers, have them stand on their own, or create a more layered look by contrasting your chairs with your other decorations.

Pairing black spandex chair covers with white tables, for instance, or whtie spandex chair covers with darker colors elsewhere can make each individual piece of furniture pop.

Likewise, these linens make it easy to add a simple pop of color to a room. We love baby blue spandex chair covers and pink spandex chair covers for parties, baby showers, and even picnics!

White spandex chair cover


Spandex Chair Covers: Keep your chairs safe and your guests happy with our easy-to-use covers, which come in multiple colors to help you enhance your space the way you’d like to.

Make Your Small Spaces Pack a Punch

Making use of spandex cocktail table covers can require some tact; after all, you’ve only got a very small surface to work with, and the shape of the cover itself does a lot of the work of decorating for you. 

To help these tables look their best, consider small, yet elegant ways to add to them. A single candle, a small bouquet, or even food and drink are all great options.

Navy blue cocktail table spandex cover

Spandex Highboy/Lowboy Table Covers: Perfect for cocktail and other miscellaneous tables, these spandex covers are designed to function without disrupting the use of your tables and their contents.