Deciding the look of a reception is a detailed process all the way from choosing a venue type to selecting what color linens for weddings to use.

Nothing makes someone’s big day more special than a space that allows them to celebrate their love and to share it with others. While it may seem simple, choosing wedding linens that match a couple’s vision can make a huge difference.

Think of your linens like the icing on top of a cake, or the bow that ties a gift together; without them, things can feel flat, unfinished, and lackluster. 

An amazing set-up, on the other hand, sets your reception apart as one that everyone, from guest to groom, will remember. 

And, with wedding rates on the rise in general for 2022, now is a better time than ever to get to know what’s on the market and how you can mix things up.

In this article, we’ll break down how to choose the perfect linens for a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind wedding reception as well as what you need to know to make your purchase.

How to Choose Linens for Wedding Reception

When it’s time to decide on linens, you may be tempted to go with what you know: solid-colored, elegant, thick tablecloths, napkins, runners, and other similar decorations. But, there’s so much more out there than what we’ve come to expect, much of which is completely customizable to your specific needs.

There are several key factors to consider, including the following:


Will the event you’re putting together be a conservative, high-end wedding, or a small, casual wedding? Will there be lots of guests in attendance? What is the dress code like?

These are all questions you can ask yourself, among others, to determine how formal the wedding reception will need to be.

The more formal, the more linens you’ll likely need. You may, for instance, go a step beyond just covering tables and opt to cover chairs as well. 

Likewise, formal occasions usually mean longer or larger linens. So, if you do decide to go the more classic route, be sure you give yourself plenty of time to size and order your linens to properly fit all of the things you need them to!

Color Scheme

You’ll want to be familiar with the color scheme of the wedding when choosing the ideal reception linens. If there is a color scheme already present in other parts of the wedding planning (during the ceremony, for example), you’ll probably want to ensure it’s being continued.

On the other hand, a lack of a color scheme or a loosely defined color scheme leaves you with a lot of creative freedom and opportunity. 

If you’re able to get adventurous with color, it can be a great way to create a reception environment that’s truly something special. 

Pops of color, fun combinations, accessories, and other visual elements are all things you’ll want to keep in mind as options as you plan.

Custom Requests

If there are any custom or specific requests you’ll need to handle for your linens, be sure to make a note of them right away and tackle them early. 

Some linens may be difficult or impossible to obtain under certain circumstances (sizes don’t match up, patterns sold out, color scheme not applicable, etc.), but it’s good to come to this conclusion sooner rather than later. 

Ordering custom-made linens, for example, can take more time than you’d think, especially when things get busy. This is especially true if you’re ordering linens that sell out frequently or aren’t generally produced in large quantities.

In other words, the more unique you attempt to be with your linens, the more likely you are to encounter some sort of potential setback. That’s why it’s key to plan ahead and to plan well.

Top Unique Wedding Linen Ideas

Now that you know what to keep in mind as you choose the best wedding reception linens for your needs, let’s take a dive into some of our top product picks.

Each of these fabrics can be used to make products of your choice, from unique table linens to unique wedding linen napkins and more. 

We’ve attached links to samples for each to give you an idea of their general appearance and price range (and to make it easy to try them all out, of course!)

Statement Linens

Looking for linens that do the talking for you? Opt for pieces that feature bold patterns to help your reception stand out from the rest and pop even in your memories.

Allure Jacquard

Color Options: 12

Brief Description: Jacquard fabric with unique metallic and multi-tone pattern, seamless in most sizes. 

Gatsby Metallic Print

Color Options: 4

Brief Description: Metallic print fabric with classic Gatsby design for mid-century look.

Luxury Wedding Linens

Who doesn’t love a classic, high-end feel? These linens are great if you’re looking to create an atmosphere that feels put-together, polished, and luxurious without being over the top.

Shantung Satin

Color Options: 40

Brief Description: Basic or subtle solid fabric with reversible satin on one side and matte dupioni on the other.

Princess Lace

Color Options: 8

Brief Description: Heavily embroidered decorative crown design with lots of sequins.

Valentina Lace

Color Options: 6

Brief Description: Heavily embroidered floral design on mesh base.

Textured Tablecloths for Weddings

Amaze your guests’ eyes (and fingertips!) with textured linens that combine both functionality and stunning appearance. These fabrics bring a whole new element to the table, one that can totally transform the look of your reception set-up.

Giselle Sequins

Color Options: 5

Brief Description: Unique leaf design with glitter sequins that has extra sparkle.

Panne (Crush) Velvet

Color Options: 14

Brief Description: Solid velvet fabric with elegant crush texture.

Two-Tone Sequins

Color Options: 12

Brief Description: Unique reversible “flip” sequins with two-tone color combination. Great for cake or head tables (or another focal point of the wedding).

Glitz Sequins

Color Options: 29

Brief Description: Fully embroidered overlapping sequins cluster for blingy, glitzy look with lots of sparkle.

Cheap Tablecloth Ideas for Weddings

It never hurts to go back to basics, even if you’re planning the reception of a lifetime. Sometimes, what we know works ends up being the best option; it also allows us to experiment more freely with other decorative elements. These linens are great if you want something affordable and simple, yet still elegant.

Metallic Burlap

Color Options: 11

Brief Description: Burlap look with metallic threading for a more elegant and high-end look.

Rustic Linen

Color Options: 14

Brief Description: Burlap linen look for rustic style wedding, seamless in most sizes.

Buying Wedding Linens Wholesale

Whether you need five linens or 50, Urquid Linen has all you need to create a wedding reception set-up that drops jaws, including your own!

Our high-quality, long-lasting products are made to order, making it simple for you to pay for just what you want and need (and nothing that you don’t).

With over 300 unique fabric collections to choose from, you’re almost certain to find something you like in the Urquid Linen catalog. And, to make things even better, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a cost that can compete with our wholesale pricing.

No matter what size, shape, color, or pattern you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. Even if you still have questions after purchase, our world-class customer service team is always available to assist you and come to a solution.

Save yourself the hassle of managing dozens of linen sizes, colors, and orders with Urquid Linen. Organizing the event set-up of your (or someone else’s) dreams doesn’t have to be a complicated puzzle.

Feel free to contact us with questions, concerns, or for more information regarding products and wholesale orders. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best of luck on your planning!