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4 Ways to Use Vintage Lace Tablecloths in your Wedding Reception

January 07 2022

4 Ways to Use Vintage Lace Tablecloths in your Wedding Reception

4 Ways to Use Vintage Lace Tablecloths in your Wedding Reception

Nothing adds a more classy, exquisite look than a gorgeous, lace table linen.

Especially if you are opting for a vintage, classic theme for a wedding, lace linens can simply take your reception to the next level, giving it that elegant look.

The best part? This fabulous, expensive look can be achieved for an inexpensive price by purchasing vintage lace table linens wholesale.

There are many creative ways that you can utilize beautiful lace table linens, such as using them as an accent on a cake table, or using lace overlays. We will go over them all here.

Champagne-colored English lace

Vintage Lace Tablecloths: Wedding Reception Ideas

Whether you’re working with traditional, vintage lace round tablecloths or something else, you’ll want to plan ahead in order to create a reception theme that brings everything together.

Depending on your goals, you may or may not want your vintage lace tablecloths to be the center of attention; they’re beautiful and versatile enough to tie together other decorative elements, but also complex enough to stand on their own.

Regardless, there are many ways to incorporate vintage lace into your set-up and design a reception that no one will forget.

Claire Lace Tablerunner in Champagne

1. Utilize Vintage Lace Tablecloths as Statement Linens

If you’re really looking for your vintage pieces to pop, consider using them as accents throughout your reception’s set-up. 

How you accomplish this goal will look different based on a myriad of factors, including the number of vintage lace tablecloths or linens you’re looking to use, the size of the hall you’re decorating, overall wedding theme, and more.

But, in many cases, choosing to dress only certain tables, such as the cake table, in vintage lace can make both the table itself and its linens stand out. This is particularly true if you’re working with lace that has some color to it. 

Ribbon Mesh Lace Table Linen in Gold

You might, for example, try covering central or main points in the venue – like your head table, wedding party tables, etc. – with your vintage lace tablecloths.

2. Opt for a Rustic Feel

Few things highlight the beauty and elegance of vintage lace better than a rustic wedding theme. Rustic set-ups often combine woodsy, natural elements with simple, yet graceful décor- and they are all the rage for the 2022 wedding boom.

Choosing to use a rustic theme or set-up requires some level of commitment, at least if you’d like your aesthetic choices to really come through. 

To differentiate a rustic style from something like a classic or glamorous style, you’ll need to ensure both your linens and other decorative elements are in agreement.

That means choosing table settings, centerpieces, napkins, chair coverings, and other linens that work well with your vintage lace tablecloths.

In general, it’s best to opt for neutral or muted tones across the board. You can add complexity and life to your reception venue by adding wood or stone elements, elegant floral arrangements, and accessories like twine, candles, or fairy lights.

A vintage lace tablecloth is all you need to complete the look and create a reception that feels straight out of a classic fairytale.

3. Layer With Other Unique Wedding Linens

A great way to let your vintage lace tablecloths shine without allowing them to impact the overall design of your reception is to layer them with other fabrics and patterns.

You can accomplish this by adding table runners to your set-up (or, alternatively, opting to use your vintage lace as the runner), or playing around with the look and feel of your other wedding linens.

For instance, to bring your vintage lace into the next century, you might layer it with fun pops of color. Or, to up the glamor, you might decide to include sequins or other textured fabrics to create a truly one-of-a-kind look.

4. Embrace Antique Luxury and Décor

Another immensely popular wedding design choice is any and everything vintage or antique. Vintage wedding themes allow the betrothed and their guests to take a step back into the past and really experiment with all things eclectic. 

The word “vintage” can be used to describe a variety of designs, but it generally includes Victorian, Tudor, or Baroque elements like old furniture, ornate lighting, rich color schemes, and more.

Your vintage lace tablecloth will fit right in with this sort of set-up, and if you choose to go for it, you might find it’s the best opportunity to dive in and try out different types of lace. 

After all, choosing to decorate most of or all of your venue with lace means that you’ll need a lot to pick from!

English Lace Tablecloth

A staple of the 19th century, Battenburg lace, or English lace, gets its name from Queen Victoria’s son-in-law and represents the elegance of the era. 

Buy Ivory English Lace Wholesale

Opt for these tablecloths if a Victorian theme is your goal. Their ability to combine class with elegance and practicality make them a great pick regardless of what other visual elements you’re planning.

It’s important to note that authentic vintage linens of this sort should always be cleaned gently and by hand to avoid damage to the delicate lace structures within them, so they might not be ideal for particularly messy areas of your reception (like tables where food is plated).

Valentina Lace Tablecloth

The term “Quaker lace” or Valentina lace is most often used to reference tablecloths and other linens created by the Quaker Lace Company of Philadelphia, PA. 

The company produced machine-made, yet highly sought after, lace tablecloths that skyrocketed in popularity after World War II. 

The tablecloths were so acclaimed that they even made their way into the White House, inspiring the well-known “White House” design that’s still used today.

Though the company has been out of business for a while now, the sheer success of these tablecloths means that many event planners, venues, and even families still use the Valentina design. 

The patterned lace tablecloths of today can give you the same sort of look and feel as the antique Quaker lace. The style in the photo above is the sought-after Valentina lace.

Finding the Perfect Vintage Wedding Linens

High-quality and beautiful linens are a crucial part of any event set-up, especially one as special and personal as a wedding reception. 

Here at Urquid Linen, we don’t just know this, we live it. Our collection of unique and innovative fabrics is over 300 options strong, so no matter who you are or what your goals may be, we have something for you.

Our designs are custom-made to order and easy to care for so that your experience can be as stress-free and personal as possible. 

Likewise, our world-class customer service team is always available to address any questions or concerns and make sure that your perfect linens are never out of reach.

Don’t waste your precious time or energy worrying about finding matching tablecloths, the perfect color napkins, or dinnerware that works. 

With the peace of mind that our products provide, you can get back to what matters most: creating a wedding experience that’s meaningful for those who are a part of it.

Want to learn more about how to use your linens to your advantage? Be sure to visit our other blog posts where we share insider tips and information to help you make your events one-of-a-kind. 

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