If you need lots of table linens for your next event but don’t necessarily have a massive budget, affordable polyester tablecloths, especially those you can buy wholesale, may be the solution you need.

Whether you’re looking to buy white tablecloths in bulk or something a bit more out there and interesting, it’s possible to find products that will work without putting you out of lots of money.

That way, you can focus your resources on what needs them the most without sacrificing the look and ambiance of your event. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss all things related to finding affordable polyester tablecloths in bulk, including some of our favorite product recommendations, what to look for, and how to make your linens last.

Is Polyester Good for Tablecloths?

Polyester is a great option for tablecloths because it’s easy to clean, store, and tends to be more resistant to stains and damage than other, more delicate fabrics. 

Tablecloths made from polyester also tend to retain their shape well and aren’t as prone to wrinkles as others, so the potential for long-term use with these sorts of linens is high.

Are Cotton or Polyester Tablecloths Better?

Polyester tablecloths tend to be more popular than their cotton counterparts, at least when it comes to consistent and heavy use, but there really is no one “right” or “best” option for all scenarios. 

To decide which fabric is best for you and your event’s needs, ask yourself questions like:

  1. How durable do you need your tablecloths to be?
  2. Are you concerned about wrinkles, storage, etc.?
  3. What is most important to you in a tablecloth: style, feel, quality, etc.?
  4. What sort of conditions will your linens be exposed to?

Cotton tablecloths tend to be softer and more lightweight, but they may also be trickier to keep stain- and wrinkle-free.

What is the Best Material to Make Tablecloths?

If you need something strong, yet still flexible, polyester is likely your best bet. But, if you’re okay with more delicate material and are looking for tablecloths that are more sustainably created, cotton may be the way to go.

The best material to make tablecloths, therefore, depends on your answers to the questions listed above.

Other fabrics or fabric blends may also be used to make tablecloths, but they generally involve either cotton, polyester, or both to some extent, so it’s useful to be aware of the in’s and out’s of each one.

Why Buy Cheap Polyester Tablecloths in Bulk?

Buying beautiful, elegant tablecloths wholesale has never been easier thanks to the power and accessibility of the internet; it’s now possible to find just about any fabric, pattern, and color you need for a price that works, especially if you shop in bulk.

The benefits of shopping wholesale and purchasing lots of linens at once are numerous:

  • Convenience: No need to mix and match different fabrics or linens; purchasing in bulk makes it possible to get everything you need all at once, and in the right sizes, too.
  • Variety. With polyester, you can choose from any color you want, and you typically have the choice between all the colors of the rainbow, so that you can make sure the fabric is just right.
  • Cohesion: Wholesale linens make it possible to apply a specific pattern, aesthetic, or color scheme to all of your decor. Creating an event setup that flows well but is still dynamic and interesting is a breeze!
  • Affordability: There’s no better way to get amazing prices on each individual linen or unit you need than purchasing them in bulk. 
  • Customization: When shopping wholesale, you’re not limited to a specific set of products that comes and goes; you’ll have access to a myriad of options that have a variety of practical uses, making it simple to create a design that’s true to your vision.
  • Reliability: You won’t have to worry about missing a few tablecloths, napkins, or chair covers when purchasing in bulk; be sure to order the quantity and sizes you need and save yourself the time, stress, and effort of dealing with problems in the future.

  • Whether you need bulk tablecloths for weddings, birthday parties, restaurants, or even just an informal get-together, buying your cheap linen tablecloths in bulk can make your life much easier.

    Cheap, Wholesale Polyester Tablecloths & Linens: Our Picks

    Finding amazing linens at a great price can help you step your event up to the next level, but this effort raises the question of what the best, affordable polyester bulk tablecloths for sale are.

    That’s why we’ve compiled this brief list of some of our favorite cheap, wholesale polyester tablecloths, table accessories, and other decor. Be sure to check out these product recommendations and more to find options that work for you.

    Bulk Polyester Tablecloths and Table Runners

    Tablecloths, table runners, and other types of table linens act as the heart of your event’s setup; they tie together your other decorations, draw eyes to your tables, and help you curate the environment you’re after.

    Try these great products to bring cheap, high-quality polyester table linens to your next party, wedding, etc.:

    Premium Poly Poplin Tablecloths: A smooth, clean, solid finish accompanies these simple, yet fun and versatile polyester tablecloths, which are as affordable as they are stunning. With nearly 100 options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a tablecloth that fits your design plans and brings life to your next event. 


    Premium Poly Poplin Table Runners: Add some class or a pop of color to your table display with these classic, solid-colored polyester table runners, which are great for layering but are also able to stand on their own. From deep, rich hues to soft, gentle pinks, greens, and purples, these runners also come in nearly 100 options to ensure there’s something for everyone.  

    Cheap Wholesale Polyester Napkins and Accessories

    Creating a complete table display doesn’t stop with your tablecloths, or at least it doesn’t have to. Choose beautiful and fun polyester napkins to add some flair to your event.

    Premium Poly Poplin Napkins: These easy-to-use and colorful polyester napkins are great for just about any event out there. Soft and gentle enough to function but sturdy enough to stand the test of time, these napkins are a staple for those looking to bring character to their event’s place settings- not to mention, they come in almost 100 different color options.

    Other Discount Polyester Linens and Decor

    Make your event’s decor truly your own by adding accents, accessories, and extra pieces like drapery, lights, and more. Adding cheap polyester linens into the mix allows you to play with more visual elements without breaking the bank.

    Premium Poly Poplin Drapery Panels: Create a party, wedding, or event that feels straight out of a storybook with elegant, polyester drapery. This drapery comes in many colors, almost 100! Add your drapery to the walls, ceilings, and corners of your venue to add depth and nuance to the room, and consider bringing in other pieces like greenery and fairy lights to complete the look.          

    Premium Poly Poplin Chair Sashes: Add some sophistication to your event by adding vibrant and fun linens to your chairs. Chair sashes are an easy and ideal way to add color, tie together your tables, or set some parts of your venue apart from the rest. Choose from almost 100 different colors for this sash.

    How to Care For Polyester Cheap Bulk Tablecloths and Linens

    Regardless of if you purchase a rectangular, square, large, small, or even 120” round tablecloth wholesale, it’s important to understand that caring for your linens can be a large determining factor when it comes to prolonging their lifespan.

    If you’re working with polyester linens, fortunately, care tends to be very easy. Simply wash and dry your linens as necessary on gentle cycles with low heat, or wash your tablecloths by hand to further protect them from damage. 

    Fold your linens carefully and store them somewhere they’ll be safe from changes in temperature, humidity, etc., like a dark and sealed storage closet. 

    These practices, combined with smart shopping habits, can help you find and keep cheap polyester tablecloths for years to come!