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13 Modern Ways to Use Table Runners

March 11 2022

13 Modern Ways to Use Table Runners

13 Modern Ways to Use Table Runners

Just like other unique table linens, a table runner made with any elegant, modern design can truly take any room, event, or design to new levels.

Table runners are all the rage.

From important days like your wedding reception to the coffee table you use every day, just one table runner, placed well, can change everything. But you have to know how to use it right.

Let's go over the most modern and gorgeous ways to use a table runner in any circumstance, and we'll give you our product recommendations for every look.

How do You Style a Table with a Runner? (with Pictures)

For modern dining and events, there is no longer just one way to style a table runner. So, how do you make a table runner beautiful? To add some flair, you can:

  • Drape your table runner lengthwise down the middle of the table, with the ends hanging off each side

  • Use multiple table runners to drape them horizontally through the middle of the table, under each plate on either side

  • Place a table runner with no tablecloth underneath, which can pair nicely with a sightly table

  • Go for a more traditional style which would be a table cloth with a table runner over top, which creates a classic look and allows you a bit more play with your centerpieces and dining setups. This can also work to draw more attention to the food if you are serving something that is rather flashy and noteworthy

  • Bunch up the table runner in the middle of the centerpiece, almost making it part of the centerpiece in a way, which creates a very modern appeal. This look is best achieved with a botanical centerpiece, such as flowers or fruit.

Now, more importantly, let's go over the ideal runners for achieving a breathtaking modern look.

Glamorous Table Runner: Two-Toned Sequins in Gold and White

For a modern yet elegant look, we recommend going for the glitzy two-toned table runner These stunning colors will draw the attention of guests to the center of your table, leaving them starry-eyed.

Reminiscent of the glamour of the roaring 20s, this table runner puts a modern spin on a classic color and look.

Our Most Popular Table Runner: Chiffon Over-Sized Table Runner

The chiffon over-sized table runners flow gracefully over either side of the table, creating a gorgeous, feminine look. Matched with floral bouquets in the center and a hardwood table underneath, these table runners can truly create a stunning, atmospheric feeling.

The oversized runners style is very popular right now, and certainly one of the favorites for wedding reception tables in the 2022 wedding boom.

Short Modern Table Runner: Eclipse Jacquard (Reversible) Table Runner

By utilizing vibrant, metallic colors matched with curving, flowing designs, the Eclipse Jacquard table runner can create an air of class and modernity. 

This is an example of a table runner that could rest on any table and still make it feel "dressed up."

Because this fabric is reversible, you get the benefit of two in one. With just one table runner, you can flip it over and have an entirely new look for a new event that still fits with the color scheme and overall aesthetic.

Boho Table Runner: The Bohemian Knit-Look Table Runner

For something that fits with a free-spirited, knitted, rustic vibe, take a look at these Bohemian table runners that are designed to fit with a beautiful bohemian scheme.

Pure Linen Table Runner: The Rustic Linen Collection


Pure linen is a lovely material that folds perfectly and creates a beautiful texture. For the look we mentioned earlier of folding a table runner underneath a botanical centerpiece, this linen table runner may be the ideal match. 

Linen is such a gorgeous, high-quality material that it speaks for itself. Even just the feeling of this cloth adds to the overall experience of an event or a room design and turns it into something truly special.

Elegant Table Runner: Marble Jacquard Table Runner

The Marble Jacquard table runner, available in both silver and gold, is like nothing your guests have ever seen before. 

Simultaneously attention-grabbing yet subtle, extremely modern yet inspired by ancient Roman designs, this marble-style table runner is breathtakingly elegant.

Our Choice for Wedding Receptions: Textured Table Runners

Whether it's lace, chiffon, sequins, or embroidery, textured table runners are making a statement in wedding receptions all over the world this year. 

Having a textured table runner for a wedding reception just adds that extra amount of detail. It shows your guests or your clients that you took the bonus step to make this day and this event unique.

With so many options, there truly is a textured table runner to fit with any reception.

Fall Table Runner: Prints

The autumn aesthetic is defined by deep colors, the fall harvest and bounty, and warm golds and browns. For that reason, we think that a print collection can truly flow with this fall feeling and give you a very unique table runner.

There are many prints to choose from, with summery patterns like fanning leaves, delicate patterns like blue stencil on white background, and fall roses like the image below.

Be Creative! Make it Modern, and Make it Yours.

Your design and your table runner will depend on your event, your clients, and your tastes. With so many options, you truly can't go wrong. 

Truly achieving a modern looks means expressing yourself and embracing individuality and artistry in design. 

So when you're planning your next event, trust your gut, and use your modern table runner any way you please.

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