Plan and create a summer wedding experience that your guests won’t soon forget with a table display that catches eyes and drop jaws. With countless ways to bring the light and color of the season into your design plans, it can be both fun and easy to come up with table décor ideas. 

Let’s take a look at some of the things to keep in mind as you get started.

Summer Wedding Theme Ideas

Themes aren’t a necessary part of a beautiful wedding setup, but they can certainly help! Create an experience your wedding’s guests will never forget with summer themes like:

  • Fresh and Floral: Make use of the colors and vibrant nature of the season by implementing summer flowers into your wedding design plans. Opting for a floral theme may mean incorporating lots of fresh flowers and plant life into your décor, using floral patterns for your table linens, etc.
  • Classic and Rustic: Keeping it simple doesn’t have to mean giving up elegance or beauty. Simple fabrics, lace accents, and dark, earthy tones can be especially beautiful under the golden light of the summer sun.
  • Summer Barbecue: Bring the summer fun to your wedding with a classic barbecue full of great food, bright colors, and energy!
  • Beautiful Beaches: Weddings by the sea are popular in the summer for a reason! Lively, citrusy colors, tropical fruits, and light, airy linens can bring out the natural beauty around you.
  • Berries and Cream: In addition to finding ways to add fruits and berries into your centerpieces, dishes, and desserts, create a cohesive theme by using blues, reds, and purples in your décor.
  • Summer Wedding Décor Ideas: Table Linens

    No wedding is complete without stunning décor. Table linens provide the foundation for a beautiful table setup, but they also help set the stage for an overall jaw-dropping and polished look. 

    There’s more to table linens than just a good tablecloth, though; things like table runners, overlays, and even napkins are all elements to consider.

    Ideas for Making Your Summer Wedding Table Linens Pop:

    Remember not to overlook the value that the right table linens can have as you create your table design plans. Take advantage of them with ideas like these:

    • Don’t be afraid of contrast or dark colors. Summer is the brightest time of year, so it may seem counterintuitive to turn to dark colors, like black table linens, as part of your décor choices. But the contrast that these dark hues can bring to your finished design can be truly unique and unforgettable, especially if you’re planning to use a wide array of colors elsewhere. 
    • Play with layers. Don’t stop at covering your tables – layering multiple linens is a great way to add depth to your design. Plus, it may allow you to play with patterns, bright colors, or other things that might be challenging to make work otherwise.
    • Experiment with exposed surfaces. The colors of the season (bright oranges, yellows, greens, white, etc.) can work beautifully with exposed brick or even exposed wood. Keeping some of your tables uncovered and instead adding smaller linen pieces or centerpieces is a great way to bring this aesthetic to your wedding.

    Summer Wedding Ideas 2022: Our Product Recommendations 

    Here at Urquid, we have the products you need to create a summer wedding table design and reception that you’ll love. Below are some of our favorite ideas for the season:

    Fun Summer Wedding Table Ideas

    Sunflower Print: There’s no better time than the summer to try out fun prints like this one, which features a vibrant sunflower design that’s sure to grab the attention of your wedding’s guests. 

    Vine Themed (Vino) Print: Incorporate some Mediterranean grace and beauty into your table setup with this printed fabric, whether it be in the form of a tablecloth or not. Pieces like these are great for outdoor weddings, layering, or using as accents throughout your reception! 

    Elegant Summer Table Linens

    French Toile Print: If you’d like something a bit more traditional, opt for this classic French toile design, which features a sophisticated floral pattern fit for royalty.

    Floral Reef Jacquard Print: Our elegant jacquard fabric is combined with an unforgettable floral design to create a result that brings both class and simple beauty to your wedding décor.  

    Rustic Summer Wedding Table Linen

    Imitation Burlap: If you’re looking to curate rustic, farmhouse, or barnyard wedding vibes, this linen is the one for you; it’s laidback and versatile enough to let the rest of your décor do the talking! 

    Summer Wedding Décor Ideas: Centerpieces

    It’s hard to have a great summer wedding table without a centerpiece to match. 

    Fortunately, there are lots of easy and creative ways to bring your table decor together and set your reception apart from the rest.

    Lantern Centerpieces

    Bring some light and cohesion to your tables with a lantern centerpiece. Lanterns can either be purchased or made using things like wood, leaves, flowers, etc.

    For an indoor summer wedding, candles are an especially great way to create a lantern centerpiece that pops and functions. 

    Floral Centerpieces

    There are few better places to really have fun with summer wedding flowers than a centerpiece; whether you’re creating elaborate floral bouquets or adding flowers to existing decor pieces, making them the center of attention brings a lot of personality to your tables.

    Centerpieces Without Flowers

    Summer wedding flowers may be a staple of most wedding designs and themes, but they don’t have to be! 

    You may want to stray away from floral centerpieces if you’re using lots of flowers elsewhere in your decorating, or if you simply don’t love the look of them.

    Below are a few more easy and beautiful centerpiece ideas that don’t require the use of flowers:

    • Branches and vines, which can serve as either a standalone or be incorporated into larger pieces.
    • Table runners are a great staple; take it a step further and complete your display with finishing touches like candlesticks or holders, leaves, etc.
    • Books are easy to stack and combine with lighting for a simple, classic, and cozy feel

    Summer Wedding Centerpieces On a Budget

    Trying to keep costs low or focus your finances on other parts of your wedding plans? No problem: creating décor like centerpieces is not just possible on a budget, but very approachable.

    Overall, it’s a good idea to try to minimize the number of elements you’re trying to incorporate into your centerpiece. You don’t need intricacy for a beautiful display.

    Backyard wedding ideas for summer

    Other tips for saving money on both your centerpieces and table set up in general include:

    • Buy wholesale. Save yourself more than just money by shopping for your table linens and other décor wholesale. Here at Urquid, we offer hundreds of fabric collections with various finishes, patterns, and textures to suit your needs, and with the power to custom order exactly what you need, you can rest assured you’ll find something that works. 
    • Thrift and repurchase as much as possible. Instead of purchasing all of your décor pieces brand new, find ways to thrift them. Things like candle holders, accent pieces, baskets, etc., can often be found used at a much more manageable price (plus, you’ll add a level of individuality to your design that’s hard to beat).
    • Let the beauty of your venue do the hard work. This is especially true if you’re working with a venue like a beach, botanical garden, or park. Keep your table décor simple and add natural decorations, like plant life, where necessary.

    Countless Ways to Embrace Summer Fun and Sun

    There’s no shortage of ideas for making summer wedding tables stand out and stick in the memories of those who use them – whether you’re looking to host an indoor or outdoor wedding, there are ways to ensure your event shines as bright as the sun.

    Don’t be afraid to get creative and try new things! Summer weddings are all about energy, joy, and natural beauty. How you choose to incorporate these ideas is up to you.