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6 Beautiful Textured Tablecloths for Weddings

April 07 2022

6 Beautiful Textured Tablecloths for Weddings

6 Beautiful Textured Tablecloths for Weddings

Tablecloths can help you set the stage for your wedding reception: the look, feel, and overall atmosphere of your next event can be shaped, in part, by the way you decide to decorate for it.

That’s why experimenting with texture tablecloths, which are generally embroidered or come with a unique finish, is such a great idea; not only can you try new colors, you can also try new feels and create a more nuanced display that will wow your guest. 

But when selecting a textured tablecloth, you’ll want to make sure it fits your overall design plans but is also practical for your needs.

You’ll need a tablecloth that works with the size and shape of your tables (you may feel that for some textured tablecloths, round tables may be more ideal than large, banquet tables), but also any other circumstances that might be relevant.

Let’s take a deeper dive into some of our favorite textured tablecloth options to illustrate what might work, what might not, and how to choose one that matches both your needs and desires.

Create a Homey, Rustic Display

Even simple, toned-down and slub-like textures can bring a lot of life to your wedding reception. Cultivate a down-to-earth and beautiful vibe with soft, linen tablecloths, perfect for layering or adding other decorative elements.

Our Recommendation:

Rustic Linen in Ivory: The gentle, smooth finish of this tablecloth makes it a wonderful choice for a rustic vibe. Its muted color lends itself well to bold accents like gold, silver, or dark colors as well as soft lighting and greenery. 

Try a Luxurious, Black Textured Tablecloth

While it may seem counterintuitive to use black table linens at a wedding, where light and fun colors generally take center stage, these dark fabrics can bring a lot of character to your reception and contrast beautifully with your other decor.

Instead of using a white textured tablecloth or something similar, consider finding ways to incorporate black, grey, or other dark-hued fabrics into your plans. 

Combining a dark color with a striking finish leads to a table display that’s both eye-catching and unique enough that your guests won’t soon forget it.

Our Recommendation:

Luxury Satin in Black: This fabric has a luxurious shine with a unique crushed-like textured finish that leaves your tables looking classically elegant. The finish of this fabric is beautiful and versatile enough to work with all sorts of design choices. 

Use a Checkered Tablecloth for Outdoor Events

Outdoor events demand table linens that aren’t just nice to look at, but also durable and versatile enough to work with a variety of displays and under a variety of conditions.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still have fun with the tablecloths you choose. Take your guests back to memories of summer sun and picnics with a fun, checkered tablecloth; bonus points if you’re able to coordinate other elements of the reception to match.

Bold and distinct patterns work great outdoors – these sorts of fabrics can stand out among the color and life of the venue itself. 

Our Recommendation:

Hampton Checker in Blue: Embrace fun in the sun with this high-quality and polished-looking checkered fabric, perfect for outdoor weddings and other similar events year-round.

Don’t Shy Away From Unique Table Linens

If you’re interested in playing with textures, don’t be afraid to try out table linens that are a bit outside of the box. Sometimes these fabrics, though they may seem tricky to style, are actually the key piece of a finished wedding display!

Our favorite unique table linens are those that experiment with different finishes and color combinations or create a specific, one-of-a-kind vibe. 

Our Recommendation:

Metallic Print in Gold/White Gatsby: This fabric features a stunning metallic screen-printed design throughout, reminiscent of the sophistication and luxury of classic vintage decor. This fabric is perfect for upscale events or glamorous displays.

Bring Classic Beauty to Your Next Wedding Reception

Nothing says “wedding” like traditional textures like lace, satin, silk, etc., and there are plenty of interesting and dynamic ways to incorporate these elements into your next reception.

Lace and floral lace designs bring a romantic, intimate feel to your display and are perfect for making your wedding’s attendants feel like royalty. Combine them with things like floral centerpieces, beautiful flatware, and soft colors for a true fairytale feel.

Our Recommendations:

Mini Petal in Ivory: The gentle floral petal pattern embroidered throughout this table linen makes it a wonderful option for weddings. The lightweight mesh base of this fabric allows it to flow and drape nicely to take your event to the next level.

Patina Sheer in Silver: If you need a one-of-a-kind and complex textured fabric to bring something special to your tables, look no further than this gorgeous table linen, which has a unique chiffon petal embroidery and metallic ribbon design on a sheer base. 

How to Decorate With Textured Tablecloths

Finding your perfect textured tablecloth is only one part of creating a complete and cohesive table display; adding other things to your textured fabrics can accentuate the texture itself and whatever else you’re looking to use. 

There are lots of ways to add even more texture (or contrasting textures) to your tables, like table runners, fun, colorful napkins, and more. 

When layering table linens, color combinations may be important; try pairing lighter shades with darker ones, or sticking within the same color scheme or color family to ensure everything comes together.

On the flip side, you might decide to tone down the rest of your decor to really let the look of your table linens take charge. Simple pieces and solid colors atop your table linens can help highlight its features without distracting from them.

No matter what you decide to do with your textured tablecloths, always be sure to measure your tables well and shop for products that fit your needs without skimping on quality. 

Here at Urquid, all of our products are made to order to guarantee that you get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t. Our collection of over 300 fabrics and patterns is expansive and diverse enough to allow anyone to find an option that works, and the price can’t be beat. 

Don’t wait – purchase your perfect textured table linens today!

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