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6 Creative Ideas for Folding Linen Napkins for Wedding

February 04 2022

6 Creative Ideas for Folding Linen Napkins for Wedding

6 Creative Ideas for Folding Linen Napkins for Wedding

It’s often the little things that set a great event or venue apart from the rest and make it both memorable and special. Understanding how to fold linen napkins for weddings is merely one example of how taking advantage of these little things can make a big difference, but it’s an important one.

Creative and elegant wedding napkin folds can elevate a table spread from good enough to glamorous. 

For many, it’s not just a good idea to invest some time into your napkin folding, it’s a necessary part of creating a stunning wedding reception.

How Do You Display Napkins at a Wedding?

With some thought and effort, you can use linen napkins to both add to and emphasize your other aesthetic choices. They also serve a practical purpose, of course, so choosing a set-up that doesn’t compromise on functionality is important, too.  

That’s where napkin folds come into the equation. Napkin folding is a great and simple way to make your linens stand out, add some flair to your tables, and even throw in some extra decorational elements.

Your linen napkins can be a real opportunity to play around and have fun with your table set-up, so don’t be afraid of being bold! 

Colorful and bright napkins against a dark tablecloth, for example, makes both color schemes pop and adds a personal touch to your reception.

Likewise, extra details like monogrammed initials, napkin rings, embroidery, and more can all add an elegant look and feel to the event.

How Do You Fold a Napkin for Weddings?

To use decorative napkin folding at your wedding or event, you’ll first need a good understanding of how to go about preparing them! There are dozens of options to choose from, all the way from basic shapes to farmhouse napkin folding and sophisticated pocket folds. 

Below, we’ll break down some of the main ways you might fold napkins to make your wedding one-of-a-kind. Generally, though, you’ll want to keep in mind that different types of folds might serve different purposes: some may be better at creating a certain look while others may be easier to create and manage. 

Before you begin with your napkin folding, make sure your linens are clean and ready to go. It’s not a bad idea to do a few practice runs before you start folding in earnest, too, especially if you’ve chosen a fold style that’s a bit complicated.

Types of Napkin Fold for Weddings

Below we’ve come up with some of our favorite types of napkin folds for weddings to provide some inspiration for your own event. 

Not all folds are made equal, so be sure to choose something that makes sense for what you’re hoping to achieve. Want something that elevates your wedding to a new level and communicates a sense of formality? Choose a napkin fold that fits. 

1. Basic Napkin Folding

Simple wedding napkin folds can be just as, if not more, beautiful than other options out there for your event, especially if the rest of your design is laid-back.

There are lots of ways to do a basic napkin fold; you may fold the edges into a rectangle or triangle, for example, or simply fold each napkin in half or into thirds. 

Another option is folding your napkin once at a diagonal line or creating a square shape by folding in each side of the napkin.

Basic napkin folding is a good choice if you want to add other layers to your table set up; things like name cards, napkin rings, tableware, and other design elements can work with your napkins to create the end result you’re after.

2. Top Knot Napkin Fold

A top knot fold, or knotted fold in general, adds some depth to your tables and can be an easy way to catch your guest’s eyes. 

To accomplish this sort of look, simply fold in two sides of your napkin toward the center. Then, fold your napkin in half along the middle you’ve just created; you should end up with a thin strip of linen that you can then tie into a knot.

3. Waterfall Napkin Fold

To show off this trendy wedding napkin fold, place one end of your napkin under each table setting. The excess napkin will hang from the table and create a waterfall effect that will wow your guests and add some flair to your reception.

4. Angled Pocket Napkin Fold

Pocket napkin folds allow you create small folds or “pockets” in your napkin to display other things, including name cards, notes, tableware, and more.

For a more fancy napkin fold, opt for a pocket look that incorporates multiple pockets or, in this case, creates pockets that are angled rather than straight. 

Angled pocket folds, especially a diagonal pocket napkin fold, are great if you’re looking to tuck your tableware or silverware into your linens.

5. Three Pocket Napkin Fold

This type of pocket fold takes things a step further than the rest by adding an additional third pocket to utilize for whatever you want.

Silverware pocket ideas aren’t the only ones out there for using these folds to your advantage; accentuate your wedding napkin fold with menus, flowers, name placements, or even party favors.

How to Fold Napkins with Silverware

If your plan is to fold napkins with flatware cutlery or silverware, you’ll want to consider this as you decide how to style your linens. 

You’ll need to choose a napkin fold that allows you to add in your flatware or incorporate it into the fold itself. To do so, ask yourself some questions, like:

  • How big or heavy is the flatware? 
  • Will you incorporate other elements into the set-up? If you wrap silverware without rings, for instance, you’ll need a different approach than if you do wrap silverware with rings. 
  • What is your overall design goal? Is it to create a formal table setting? Something fun? Romantic?

Knowing these sorts of details makes it much easier to know how to get started when tackling linen napkin folds with cutlery.

We recommend a pocket napkin fold of some kind; these allow you to add your flatware right into your napkin display and are so versatile that just about anyone can make them work.

Benefits of Purchasing Your Napkins and Table Linens Wholesale

No matter what sort of napkin fold you’re considering, it’s essential to choose and use linens that are high in quality and won’t let you down. You’ll also need to ensure that you have the quantity you need ahead of time – no one wants to be left out! 

Here at Urquid Linen, we don’t just understand your priorities, we live them. We’re dedicated to creating only the best and most beautiful wholesale linen products out there, so no matter who you are or what you’re looking for, we’ve got something that can work for you.

Our products are made to order and come in a wide variety of color options, patterns, and finishes. No more compromising on your dream design – we’ve made it possible to find the look you need at a price you can afford. 

Purchasing your linens wholesale allows you to get the quantity you need without having to sacrifice (and for a lower price). Don’t let yourself be bogged down by unnecessary stress or confusion; shop smart, and you can save yourself a lot of time and money.

Urquid Product Recommendations for Stylish Napkin Folding

Below are some of our favorite picks for cloth dinner napkins for weddings that can make your reception feel and look unique. 

Whether you’re looking to fold these table linens with flatware cutlery or opt for something more simple, our picks are versatile and stunning enough to get the job done. 


Premium Poly Poplin Table Napkins: For a simple, yet elegant look that you can use for just about any design plan, opt for these classic beauties.


Lamour Dull Satin Table Napkins: Looking for something classy and polished? These napkins create a high-class look without breaking the bank.

Shantung Satin Table Napkins: Take things a step further with these double-sided napkins that feature a shiny, eye-catching finish. 

Poly Prints Table Napkins: Both sides of these beautiful printed napkins can be used to create the table display of your dreams.

Be sure to check out our other products if you’re still in need of other elements of your table setting. We have all you need to plan and execute a wedding reception that’s truly unforgettable.

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