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How to Decorate a Sweetheart Table: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

July 13 2022

How to Decorate a Sweetheart Table: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

How to Decorate a Sweetheart Table: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

The center of attention at any wedding reception is the wedded couple themselves, so it comes as no surprise that a sweetheart table should also take the cake at your next event. 

Whether you’re keeping it simple or hoping to create a sweetheart table like none before it, the decorative choices you make can be the difference between a table that merely gets by and one that pops. 

A bride and groom toast at their wedding standing at the sweetheart table

To find out what you can do to make your sweetheart table as worthy as swoons as the couple it seats, check out the tips and tricks laid out below and develop your own inspiration.

What Is a Sweetheart Table?

A sweetheart table is typically a small table set up during a wedding reception for the newlywed couple to use for eating, drinking, and socializing. 

The intimacy of a sweetheart table makes it a staple for wedding receptions, but a sweetheart table set-up may be used at other events – baby showers, engagement parties, etc. – to celebrate the guests of honor.

What Goes on a Sweetheart Table?

The best thing about a sweetheart table is that its décor can include whatever you’d like! Usually, a sweetheart table will display table settings as well as things like place cards, centerpieces, lights, flowers, and more. 

So long as your sweetheart table has what it needs to function for the event you’re planning, you can consider it a success. 

Adding your own personal touches and creating a display that’s as beautiful as it is purposeful is where the fun really begins.

How to Make a Sweetheart Table Stand Out

Because your sweetheart table is likely the most important table at your event, you’ll want to do all you can to help it stand out from the rest. 

That means being specific in your décor choices and thinking outside the box to help your sweetheart table look and feel special.

Choose the right linens

There is no beautiful and polished sweetheart table without a strong foundation; your table linens, whether they be tablecloths, table runners, napkins, chair covers, etc., serve as the roots that the rest of your décor will build off of.

To be sure that your sweetheart table catches eyes and goes the extra mile, find ways to incorporate unique linens into your display.

Bring some sparkle to your table with a sequined tablecloth, for instance, or wow your guests with bold, brightly-colored runner accent pieces.

Bring a backdrop into the mix

A great way to really make your sweetheart table the center of attention is utilizing a backdrop, which can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like, along with the rest of your décor.

Swooping fabrics, beautiful florals, ribbons, and more can all add some serious class to your table’s overall look without breaking the bank. 

This is a great opportunity to add some DIY elements to your table – creating your own backdrop is easy, affordable, and a wonderful way to collaborate with wedding guests or party members. 

Add some light and color

Nothing draws in the eyes like a spotlight, which you can bring to your sweetheart table with the help of things like candles, marquee lights, fairy lights, and more. 

Not only do these lights bring attention to your sweetheart table, but they can also add a warm, soft glow to your décor that’s hard to beat.

Create stunning table settings

Beautiful and unique tableware, neatly-folded napkins, candlesticks, fancy centerpieces – these are all just a few suggestions for ways to make the table settings at your sweetheart table go above and beyond.

Don’t be afraid to add extra pieces of décor here to really distinguish your sweetheart table from the rest of your guest tables. 

5 Ways to Make Your Sweetheart Table Pop

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our top ideas for creating a sweetheart table that’s one-of-a-kind. Don’t hesitate to make your sweetheart table your own by including personal touches, choosing color schemes that work for you, etc.

1. Elegant and Classic Beauty

If you’re a fan of keeping things traditional, consider incorporating pieces with lacy silhouettes, romantic colors, metallic tableware, and more to your sweetheart table. 

Colorful greenery and floral centerpieces add some flair to your décor without overwhelming it, and grand backdrops with soft, delicate fabrics create an intimate feel that’s perfect for weddings.

We recommend…


Princess Lace: This sophisticated table linen features an ornate, sequined embroidery atop a mesh base and acts as a luxurious base for the rest of your décor.

Why we love it:

Adds fun textural elements to décor
    Versatile enough to work for all sorts of venues
      Simple, yet glamorous

      2. Bold Metallics

      For a more artistic or avant-garde feel, try playing with metallics when setting up your sweetheart table. Gold, silver, and bronze are all great options to look for. When done well, pieces that add shine can mesh well with just about any color, lighting, and accessories you choose.

      We recommend…

      Element Jacquard: The light sheen of this fabric’s metallic design will grab the attention of your guests and ensure that your sweetheart table sets itself apart from the crowd.


      Why we love it:

      Rich, lively colors
        Abstract design lends itself well to various décor styles
          Seamless on most tables thanks to double-wide cut

          3. Glitz and Glamour

          Weddings are a time not just to appreciate the love and connection between two people, but also to celebrate them and, of course, to party!

          Make your sweetheart table a testament to the fun and joy of a reception by bringing in decorative elements to match; think sequins, sparkles, colorful lights, and fun backdrops or even a photo booth to get guests involved in the action. 

          We recommend…


          Glitz Sequins: The solid sequined look of this fabric collection is sure to bring a celebratory vibe to not just your tables, but your venue itself. 

          Why we love it:

          Endless color options
            Straightforward but leveled-up look subtly distinguishes one table from the rest
              Texture and sparkle bring a unique flair

              4. Rustic Florals

              Sometimes, a homey, warm environment is the best way to truly celebrate a newlywedded couple, and nothing does that better than décor that feels cozy and inviting. 

              We love pairing things like leafy greenery, soft colors, and exposed wood or brick with accents like candlesticks, lanterns, and drapery to create a space that’s laid-back without sacrificing its beauty. 

              It’s easy to step things up a bit by introducing floral or greenery arches, creating a backdrop full of fairy lights, or adding some simple metallic pieces to your tabletops.

              We recommend…


              Marigold Sequins: Perfect for adding something special to your sweetheart table without disrupting the down-to-earth feel of its surroundings, this collection features several pieces with a delicate floral embroidered design your guests won’t soon forget.


              Why we love it:

              Elegant finish adds a sense of sophistication to tables
                Soft, versatile nudes and metallics, great for layering or adding other pieces to
                  Sequined design brings some sparkle

                  5. Modern Sophistication

                  Combine contemporary trends with classic wedding décor by pairing lacy or sheer materials with abstract designs, clean lines and shapes, or even some sparkle.

                  There are lots of ways to take what guests know and expect and add a modern twist to it; try opting for color schemes made up of baby pinks and blues mixed with soft greys, black, or white. 

                  Or, choose minimalistic linens and pieces to layer with bold accents, like ornate candleholders and elaborate floral centerpieces.

                  We recommend…

                  Brilliant Sheer Sequins Table Linen in Blush

                  Brilliant Sheer Sequins: Between the light mesh detailing and sequins dispersed throughout, it’s easy for this table linen to bring an upscale feel to your sweetheart table. Its design is simple enough to work well as a layering piece, but also interesting enough to stand on its own. 


                  Why we love it:

                  Dynamic and textured finish
                    Unique design
                      Subtle glamour makes it easy to incorporate other fancy pieces without going over the top



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