• Valentina Lace: Fabric for the Discerning Bride.

    Posted on March 07 2016


    Lace is the perfect touch of elegance and beauty to any wedding or bridal party. Adding lace table linens to your venue can instantly turn a so-so wedding into an elegant one. But not all lace fabrics are created equal- especially when you incorporate embroidered and sequins designs.

    When you're ordering wholesale fabric for your wedding linens, the last thing you want is to end up with cheap material that will start to fray or fall apart during your event. Sequins are notorious for falling off of cheaper fabrics because of the sub-par materials and bad stitching. Unfortunately, many of the fabrics currently marketed towards brides and wedding vendors are far from decent quality. Many table linen fabrics and tablecloths are pre-made imports that fall apart after only being used a few times. If you want a better return on your investment, then try investing in higher quality wholesale fabric that will last you for many years to come.

    Our Valentina Lace is made right here in the USA, specifically in Los Angeles California. We select only the highest quality fabrics and utilize world-class workmanship because we believe that our clients deserve a long lasting, quality product. Since we make the linens ourselves, we aren't reliant on other manufacturers to ensure quality control.

    Valentina Lace is approximately 54” wide, and it features beautiful floral embroidery interspersed with stunning sequin designs throughout the fabric. This luxurious lace comes in six classic colors that will easily coordinate with any color scheme. It can be purchased as fabric by the yard or it can be bought as a tablecloth, overlay, runner, chair back, and more. If you're a wedding planner or bride, this makes it easy for you to choose exactly what you need to make your wedding perfect.

    Whether you're looking for elegant tablecloths, runners, napkins, or fabric by the yard to create your own linens, our staff here at Urquid Linen are here to help. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our wholesale fabric or if you would like to place an order.


    Valentina Lace Tablecloths  |  Valentina Lace Overlays  |  Valentina Lace Runners  |  Valentina Lace Fabric


  • Add a Touch of Elegance with Laylani Lace Tablecloths

    Posted on February 29 2016


    Whether you're a bride to be or a wedding planner, or perhaps you're even planning a birthday party or other special event, finding high quality table linens is a task you'll most likely be facing. But why settle for plain tablecloths, napkins, or overlays when you can have vibrant, beautiful fabrics that can turn your table settings into a work of art?

    Lace tablecloths offer an elegant touch to any wedding venue. They adorn a table like a wedding gown, drawing the eye to the intricate details of the embroidery. The beautiful floral pattern in our Laylani Lace fabric offers a striking focal point, shimmering and glittering as the light catches the detailed sequins and fabric textures.

    You can pair these gorgeous tablecloths with a variety of dish styles, such as clear glass, antique-looking china, or even a chic modern design for contrast. Adding candles or flowers as your centerpieces will add dimension to the table's overall look. They say beauty is in the details, and the fabrics you choose for your tablecloths can make all the difference.

    In addition to being beautiful to look at, our Laylani Lace fabric is also made from the highest quality materials. Unlike cheaper fabrics that are usually shipped in from overseas, we make all of our fabrics right here in the USA. This allows us to ensure that only the best quality materials and stitching methods are used. The result? Fabric quality that you can count on. Cheaper fabrics can start to fray or fall apart even before your first event with them is over. You might save a few dollars up front, but if you want to get more than one use out of them, it's better to invest in quality lace fabric that will stand the test of time.

    We offer pre-made Laylani Lace tablecloths as a convenient option for your next wedding event. Why go through the effort of sewing your own if the sizes we offer already fit your needs?  Our Laylani Lace fabric comes in nine stunning colors so you can easily complement any décor color scheme. If you decide to make your own custom tablecloths, runners, napkins, overlays or chair backs, you can also purchase Laylani lace by the yard. It comes in a fabric width of approximately 54”.


    Laylani Lace Tablecloths  |  Laylani Lace Overlays  |  Laylani Lace Runners  |  Laylani Lace Fabric



  • New Arrivals: Luxurious Double-Sided Fabrics

    Posted on February 22 2016

    Wedding planners and rental companies are always looking for ways to save money on linens, and we have a new and exciting way for them to do it. Our double-sided tablecloths offer an economical and convenient option for anyone looking to purchase event linens. Our new double-sided tablecloth collections include:

    Regal Jacquard Collection

    The Regal Jacquard Collection is the perfect choice for a bold wedding. The lovely floral motif pattern is reversed on the other side of the fabric, with the accent color becoming the primary color and vice versa. You have the option of alternating your tables with the contrasting colors, or using all one side for different venues. This collection of tablecloths comes in six color combinations.

     Regal Jacquard Tablecloths  |  Regal Jacquard Overlays  |  Regal Jacquard Runners  |  Regal Jacquard Napkins  |  Regal Jacquard Fabric 

    Cirque Jacquard Collection

    These mesmerizing circular patterns will grace any event hall beautifully. It is available in six vibrant colors. Like the Regal Jacquard Collection, it also features a contrasting color combination on the reverse side of the tablecloth fabric.

      Cirque Jacquard Tablecloths  |  Cirque Jacquard Overlays  |  Cirque Jacquard Runners  |  Cirque Jacquard Napkins  |  Cirque Jacquard Fabric

    Mosaic Collection

    Available in six color combinations, including green/gold and turquoise/silver, this classic circle pattern will coordinate well with a wide variety of décor style. With this single collection you'll have 12 color options to choose from for your own wedding or to offer clients through your wedding business.

     Mosaic Tablecloths  |  Mosaic Overlays  |  Mosaic Runners  |  Mosaic Napkins  |  Mosaic Fabric

    Broadway Collection

    These striking geometric patterns come in four vibrant colors. Each tablecloth is double-sided, with the reverse side showing a similar shade to the front. This is a valuable asset for anyone who has ever had an accidental spill right before an event begins; simply flip it over and the problem is solved.

     Broadway Tablecloths  |  Broadway Overlays  |  Broadway Runners  |  Broadway Napkins  |  Broadway Fabric


    Thanks to our strict quality control and in-house manufacturing here in the USA, our double-sided tablecloths and other table linens are extremely durable and long lasting. The fabric used in these double-sided tablecloths comes in a width of approximately 110” instead of the usual 56”, which reduces the number of seams necessary for large table linens. Whether you're looking for overlays, table runners, table napkins or draperies, our pre-made products and wholesale fabric will provide you with the quality you need at a competitive price.

  • Color of the Month: CHAMPAGNE

    Posted on November 01 2015

    Ring in the Holidays with the gorgeous and always stunning Champagne color palette. As our Color of the Month we've showcased some of the more delightful linen options with this gorgeous color choice. It will be a elegant and stunning addition to complete that special occasion or event. 


  • Color of the Month: CHARCOAL

    Posted on October 01 2015

    The Charcoal color palette offers a bold and contemporary compliment to any linen choice. As our Color of the Month we've showcased some of the more delightful linen options with this gorgeous color choice. It will be a elegant and stunning addition to complete that special occasion or event. 






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