Nothing says “classic beauty” quite like an arrangement of flowers. 

Whether you’re hosting a professional event, a wedding reception, or simply want to add something new to your design plans, a floral print tablecloth is the perfect way to wow your guests.

The complexity and variety of floral print options available also makes creating a space that’s truly your own an effort well-worth pursuing. 

While floral prints are lovely and add personality, making sure that they pop and also mesh well with the rest of your venue’s setup can take a little more planning than a more basic design choice might. 

Luckily, we’ve got all the tips and ideas you’ll need to incorporate floral prints into your next event with ease. 

Table with table runner and floral arrangements

Design Ideas to Complement Floral Print Linens

Working with a printed tablecloth in addition to other pieces of decoration can be tricky; striking a balance between the colors and design of your tablecloth and the things you’d like to place on top is key. 

Below are some of our top tips to help you bring everything together while still celebrating the design of your tablecloths:

  • Flowers on top of flowers. It might seem like overkill to layer floral arrangements, bouquets, and greenery on top of a printed tablecloth, but adding more flowers to your setup can actually bring everything together. 
  • Fun pops of color. Brightly-colored vases, food and beverage displays, tableware, and more make it simple to incorporate elements of your printed table linens into the rest of your design plan. Plus, bold color choices help your accent pieces stand out. 
  • Elegant candlesticks and lighting. A great budget-friendly decor idea is placing candle holders, especially if they’re colorful or metallic, around your table’s setup – this brings some light to your tables and allows you to play with pieces of different sizes, leading to a much more nuanced look.
  • Layered table settings. If you’re planning an event where food and drink will be served, like a wedding reception, consider using multiple layers for each place setting to help distinguish it from your table linens. For example, a solid-colored placemat may be topped by a smaller, textured piece or a colorful folded napkin. 

Table arrangement with flowers

A Brief Guide to Caring for Your Linens

Taking good care of your printed table linens is essential if you’re looking to preserve the quality of their design for as long as possible. 

In general, it’s best to avoid machine washing your tablecloths and instead wash by hand with gentle detergent and warm water.

If you do choose to machine-wash and dry your tablecloths, use low heat settings and take care to avoid overstuffing your machines or using harsh chemicals. 

For a comprehensive breakdown on all the details you need to know to keep your linens looking and feeling their best, check out our Table Linen Care Guide.

It’s also important to choose only high-quality tablecloths that are made from materials that aren’t just easy to work with, but durable enough to stand the test of time. 

That’s why we here at Urquid Linen use only the best materials to create our linens, which are custom-made to order and thoughtfully designed to bring joy to your events for years to come.

Beautiful, Timeless Floral Print Tablecloths: Our Picks

Check out these gorgeous and unique floral print tablecloths from our newest collection to find linens that can bring your venue to life. 

Sweet, Romantic, and Classic

When it comes to appropriate places to make use of a floral tablecloth, wedding receptions take the cake. 

Packed with soft colors and traditional floral motifs, these tablecloths bring traditional elegance to an event with ease.

Pink blush floral print

Floral Dusk (Poly Print) Table Linen in Blush: The soft pinks, silvery grays and white create a unique feminine look fit for any upscale event.

floral white table linen

Floral Dusk (Poly Print) Table Linen in Ivory: We love the neutral, and therefore flexible, nature of this table linen – it’s upscale enough to make your guests feel like they’re dining in luxury without saying too much.

Floral pale blue table linen


Floral Dusk (Poly Print) Table Linen in Copen Perry: The rich color of this print is perfect for a bolder look, especially if you plan to incorporate vivid colors elsewhere in your decor.

Refined & Rustic

Simple and wispy vines and leaves can bring a pop of color to your tables while also creating an intimate feel that lends itself well to all kinds of events. 

Especially when paired with bold metallics, wood tones, and deep, rich colors, these printed tablecloths can take your design plan to the next level. 

Green and beige leaves and flowers floral table linen

Bayside Leaf (Poly Print) Table Linen in Green/White: The contrast between the different greenery in this print is dynamic enough to grab the attention of your guests, but its overall lightweight design means that it can complement just about any design scheme. 

Black and green floral table linen

Bayside Leaf (Poly Print) Table Linen in Green/Black: A black floral print tablecloth like this one brings something unique to the table while also making the process of elevating other pieces of your decor – shiny, golden tableware, for instance – far more straightforward.

Classic white, pink, and blue pastel floral table linen table linen

Dusk Bloom (Poly Print) Table Linen: Muted tones and large, illustrative florals gives this tablecloth an artistic feel that’s sure to make any space feel unique. 

Breezy Prints and Earthy Tones

We love these subtle, yet stunning designs and their ability to transport your event’s guests somewhere relaxing, luxurious, and one-of-a-kind. 

They’re simple enough to make it easy to customize your space but are also beautiful enough to stand on their own.

Beachy beige and white sand colored floral table linen

Tulum (Poly Print) Table Linen: If you’re looking to incorporate pattern into your table display in a more subtle way, look no further than this tablecloth, which features a simple, but elegant leaf pattern atop a light beige background.

Leaf print table linen earth tones

Magnolia Leaf (Poly Print) Table Linen: We love this tablecloth’s layers of grays and greens, both of which give it a familiar, homey feel that can easily make any space feel more intimate.

Black and green leaf print table linen

Beverly (Poly Print) Table Linen in Green/Black: The stark contrast between this table linen’s black base and bright, detailed leaf print is sure to turn heads.