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Spandex Fabric Swatch

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      Swatch sizes vary based off your choice of fabric and range from a standard 6"x6", or bigger. They will be large enough to demonstrate the fabrics design and accurate showing of its color.


      Premium Spandex - 80% Polyester 20% Spandex

      Our Spandex offers a four way stretch and is Wrinkle Free.  Easy to maintain - No need to iron or press. 


      You can choose available sizes above. For custom sizes please contact us for a quote.


      No minimum quantities! 


      Sample orders will ship within 7-10 business days.


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      Urquid Inc. Los Angeles, CA (Proudly manufactured in the USA)

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  • Care Instructions
    • Urquid Linen recommends dry cleaning as the preferred method to wash and care for your linens. If you choose to wash your goods yourself, please make sure that you test your goods prior to washing/drying/steaming or any other maintenance process that is performed. Urquid Linen is not responsible for products damaged through any maintenance or cleaning process. Clients are advised to thoroughly test the material they are purchasing to avoid possible damage during cleaning and maintenance. Please keep in mind that each fabric is unique and can require it's own unique instructions for the best wash possible.

      Most linens should be washed in cold water and on a delicate cycle. Only use normal detergent and avoid bleach or any chemicals that can be harmful to your linens. If possible, try to hang-dry to ensure your linens aren't damaged from excess heat. Certain fabrics must avoid heat at all costs and should never be put in a dryer. For certain linens that can be used with a dryer, please only use a low heat setting. only iron your linens while there still damp with a clean and not too hot iron.

      Prior to attempting to wash the linens on your own. Please test the entire wash process on a single linen or preferably a swatch of that fabric. This should help ensure if your wash process will damage the linens or not. Again, we strongly recommend using dry-cleaning as the preferred method to wash and care for your linens.