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Pipe & Drape Hardware

8ft Combo Cart

$ 831.99

Party Cart

$ 1,130.99

Party Cart Plus

$ 1,221.99

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Drape Horse

$ 623.99

Drape Hamper

$ 292.49

Stanchion Cart

$ 981.49

Racking Cart

$ 909.99

Browse our vast assortment of high quality Pipe & Drape hardware. We offer a full inventory of Adjustable & Fixed Uprights, Crossbars (Drape Support), Bases, Complete Hardware Kits, Drapery Panels and all the accessories to complete your build. Use Pipe & Drape for Weddings, Special Events, Restaurants, Hotels, Trade-Shows and much more! Our goods are in stock and ready to ship, and we offer a price a match guarantee!