How to Choose the Best Restaurant Tablecloths Wholesale

Nothing makes a good meal feel complete like an elegant, clean, and put-together ambiance, something tablecloths can help out with immensely. But buying the right tablecloths matters.

In this article, we’ll talk about all things related to restaurant tablecloths, including how to choose one the best one, which tablecloths work best, and the benefits of purchasing your restaurant tablecloths wholesale. 

What Is Restaurant Linen?

When we talk about “restaurant linen,” we’re referring to materials used to dress, decorate, and protect tables and other surfaces within a restaurant. Restaurant linens aren’t limited to just tablecloths; they might include things like napkins, table runners, and chair covers, too. 

Of course, the linens used in restaurants can be found in other settings too, but restaurant linens must be high-grade enough to handle the wear and tear that comes from constant use and exposure to food and drink.

Finding an amazing tablecloth is arguably a necessary step toward customer satisfaction, a professional look, and long-term success for your restaurant.

What to Look for In Restaurant Quality Tablecloths

Not all tablecloths are made equally. Commercial-grade table linens, which are strong and durable enough to be used in a restaurant setting, can be very different from the types of tablecloths that get used at home or even for different types of events or set ups (weddings, parties, etc.). 

You’ll want to make sure you’re purchasing tablecloths that are designed to be used frequently; that means they should be relatively easy to clean completely, thick enough to catch spills and messes, and quality enough to last for a long time.

To make sure your tablecloth of choice checks all these boxes, take note of things like:

  • The material used to create the tablecloth. Some fabrics or fabric blends work better than others in terms of durability and ease of use. We’ll discuss materials in more depth later, but in general, polyester tablecloths are the most straightforward to work with.
  • The finish of the tablecloth. Regardless of material, tablecloths that look and feel different – i.e. those that are sleek and shiny versus opaque and rugged – may suit different needs.
  • Care instructions. The tablecloth you’re considering likely has care instructions of some sort to accompany it. Taking a look at these ahead of time can help you dodge stress and time wasted if your ability to wash and store your linens is limited.

  • Why Do Restaurants Use White Tablecloths?

    In terms of color and overall aesthetics, it’s very common to see restaurant tablecloths take on a white, off-white, or cream hue. 

    There’s many reasons why this trend exists and persists:

    1. White tablecloths are viewed as cleaner or associated with cleanliness in general.
    2. White is easy to pair with just about any other color(s), making it an easy addition to just about any design plan.
    3. These tablecloths may be easier to clean, as it’s more obvious when they’re soiled or in need of some upkeep.

    Overall, white tablecloths do a lot to make life easier and even encourage those dining in a restaurant to feel more comfortable and enjoy their experience more. 

    In fact, table linens in general, according to one study, make guests more likely to feel hungry and enjoy their time eating and dining.

    While you don’t necessarily need to opt for white tablecloths for your restaurant’s linens, there are some legitimate benefits associated with doing so.

    What Are Restaurant Tablecloths Made Of? 

    Restaurant tablecloths are usually made out of a polyester base. Some tablecloths are created using a blend of materials, though it's common for those blends to include polyester.

    Satin tablecloths are also common, but what these linens are made of can vary from product to product. Many satin tablecloths are still made of polyester, but their finish and overall structure can still make them look and feel very distinct.

    Best Material for Restaurant Tablecloths

    The ideal material for your restaurant tablecloths depends on your needs and what you expect from your table’s linens. 

    Some may be easier to clean than others but sacrifice durability, for instance, so you’ll want to take some time to consider which sorts of things you’d like to prioritize before making a purchase.

    Below are some of the pro’s and con’s of polyester tablecloths.



    • Cheap, easy to find
    • Machine-washable in most cases
    • Crease-resistant; easy to fold and prepare quickly
    • Durable


    • Can be made with chemicals that some guests may be sensitive to
    • Prone to static, making it hard to separate linens 

    Best Tablecloths for Restaurants: What type table linen should I buy?

    Below are some more specific recommendations for tablecloths that work perfectly for restaurants. These recommendations are based on our highest selling and highest rated table linens for restaurants here at Urquid.

    Scuba Wrinkle-Free Fabric 


    By far our most popular table linen for restaurants, the Scuba Wrinkle-free fabric remains smooth and elegant even through long-term use.

    This polyester tablecloth is designed with one-way stretch fabric meaning you will not need to iron or press it, simply wash, dry, and fold, and it is ready for use.

    It is available in many colors to match with any restaurant theme. 


    • Save an enormous amount of time and money by not having to steam out wrinkles
    • Very easy to care for
    • Great color consistency, so if you ever need to replace the cloths, the color will be exactly the same and will continue to match with your restaurant theme
    • Fade resistant, so the color will hold up through time and washes
    • Can order matching linens to uphold the theme and consistency of your establishment

    Take a look at a few reviews below from buyers of the Scuba Wrinkle-free Fabric.


    Premium Poly Poplin

    While the Scuba Wrinkle-free fabric is certainly the best choice, Premium Poly Poplin is the runner-up. The color in the image is taupe, but this table linen is also available in many diverse colors.


    • A very affordable restaurant linen option
    • Made with durable fabric, designed to last
    • While this is not wrinkle-free, it is still quite easy to care for

    Lamour Satin Table Linen

    For an elegant option with a special sheen, the Lamour Satin Table Linen is another gorgeous option for certain restaurants, depending on your restaurant's aesthetic. This table linen is also available in many colors.


    • Thick, soft feel
    • A noticeable, but not overpowering shine
    • The perfect choice for a restaurant hoping to express style and refinement, or perhaps this tablecloth can be used on special occasions or on an accent table

    Lush Velvet Table Linen

    This smooth velvet cloth, which comes in a wide array of colors, is perfect for the holidays, the winter months, or even just restaurants looking to set themselves apart from the competition.


    • Soft and luxurious velvet
    • Available in various unique colors
    • Stylish and tasteful

      How to Decide Which Tablecloths Are Best for Your Restaurant

      A good choice of linens can really brighten up your space, create a one-of-a-kind look, or simply stand to protect your surfaces. Because there are so many types of tablecloths out there, you’ll want to decide which things matter to you and which don’t.


      Choose a tablecloth material that suits your needs and limitations. For example, if you’re looking to supply tablecloths to a restaurant with limited access to storage space, it might be best to opt for a polyester-based option, as they tend to be wrinkle- and crease-free regardless of how or where they are kept.


      Of course, you’ll want to be sure the tablecloths you’re ordering are a good fit for the tables they’ll be covering. To accomplish this, take some time to measure your tables (or request table measurements). 

      As an example, if you’re opting for a more formal look, you may want to select tablecloths that are a bit larger than necessary, as they’ll provide more “drop” (tablecloth that hangs over the sides of the table) and create a more polished appearance.


      Color and design are two things that are largely left up to personal preference. Do you prefer to stick to the traditional white or off-white tablecloth look, or are you looking to mix things up?


      Texture matters in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of usability and practicality. A velvety tablecloth may look and feel amazing, but it may not stand up well against drinks at a bar, for instance.


      Consider how much time and effort is available to care for the tablecloths as you make your choice. For most restaurants, tablecloths that are easy to clean and keep looking fresh are ideal; but, if you’re okay with more work or steps, it’s certainly also an option to branch out.

      What Is the Price of a Tablecloth?

      The exact cost of your restaurant tablecloths will depend on the size of the linens you’re ordering, how many you’re ordering, and what type you’re looking to buy. In general, the more you buy at once, the less you’ll pay for each individual tablecloth.

      Restaurant & Catering Tablecloths Wholesale

      One of the best ways to get all the linens you need for a price that’s reasonable is to buy your restaurant tablecloths wholesale. This allows you to purchase a large quantity of tablecloths at once and have much more control over specific details like size, pattern, material, and more.

      If that sounds ideal to you, look no further than what we have to offer here at Urquid Linen. With over 300 unique fabric collections to choose from, thousands of color and fabric combinations, custom sizing options, a dedicated customer service team ready to work with you for whatever you need, we’re all you need to find your dream products.

      All of our tablecloths are durable and easy to care for, so you can rest assured that any purchase you make can fit in with the demands and needs of a restaurant setting.

      We hope this article was informative and helps you make an informed decision about which products to invest in. Be sure to browse through our extensive product line – you might find something that surprises you!