A well-done backdrop can be the star of any birthday party, especially if you take steps to create one that captures the essence of the person being celebrated.

Birthday party backdrops are great for livening up an event, but also provide a unique backdrop for photos, cake tables, opening gifts, and more.

Being familiar with how to buy and create what you need for a one-of-a-kind birthday party backdrop helps you bring your event to a new level, whether you’re planning  a 21st birthday, 1st birthday party, or something else entirely.

How Do You Make a Backdrop for a Party?

The first (and perhaps most important) component of a backdrop for a party is the support you’ll use to hold it up. This can vary a bit depending on what you’d like your final product to look like, but here at Urquid, we offer all sizes and shapes that you could possibly need for a backdrop at this link: 

Urquid Linen, Wholesale Pipe And Drape Hardware Kits for Events

Once you’ve acquired some sort of support for your backdrop, you can move on to deciding which decorative elements to include. Backdrops allow lots of room for creativity and personality, so don’t be afraid to have fun with it!

What Can You Use in a Backdrop?

You can use just about anything you want to in a backdrop; it can be as simple or as complex and elegant as you’d like.

Most birthday party backdrops feature either fabric or a printed vinyl print to make up the body of the display.

To make things more personal, consider adding other decorative elements like:

  • Balloons or balloon garland
  • Acrylic or vinyl letters
  • Banners
  • Flowers and floral garland
  • Lights
  • DIY materials like foam, glitter, etc.

How Do You Make a Photo Booth Backdrop?

A photobooth backdrop is usually one that, like a birthday party backdrop, has a specific theme or design and is meant to be used not just for decoration, but as a background for photos taken at an event.

Because of this, there are a few things to keep in mind when creating a photobooth backdrop as opposed to a birthday party backdrop. 

For one thing, you’ll likely want to keep your design much simpler; because people will stand in front of the display for a photo, anything you include in your display that gets blocked won’t stand out.

Another thing to pay attention to is your photobooth backdrop size. Again, remembering the functionality of this display is important – make sure your backdrop is large enough to act as a true background and that parts of the room around the display won’t be part of a picture.

In terms of photobooth backdrop ideas for decor, it’s best in many cases to keep things simple. Too much going on may detract from what else is going on in a photo, even when your backdrop isn’t meant to be the focal point.

How Do You Make an Inexpensive Backdrop?

If managing the cost of all the materials that go into a birthday party backdrop isn’t possible, or if you’d simply like to take things into your own hands in general, you’ll probably be glad to hear that it’s very possible (and even easy) to create a backdrop at home. 

Homemade birthday party backdrops can still feature the same things a more “professional” set up would. It just may require a bit more thought and planning to make things work for your budget or goals.

You can, for instance, DIY some of the additional decorations you might include on your display instead of purchasing them. Creating something like a floral garland or a banner can be easy and cheap to do after a quick visit to your local arts and crafts store.

You don’t have to give up personalized birthday backdrops just because you don’t want to splurge! Find things you already have that you can utilize, and be smart about what is and isn’t worth investing some money into.

How to Set Up a Backdrop for a Birthday Party

Coming up with birthday party backdrop ideas, DIY or otherwise, is no small task, but compared to physically setting up your display, it might seem simple!

Fortunately, setting up a backdrop doesn’t have to be a confusing nightmare. Take things step by step, ensure you have everything you need before you get started, and develop a game plan for assembly to avoid frustration and confusion.

Some general steps to follow when setting up your birthday party backdrop include:

  1. Unpackage and set up (or create) your backdrop’s support. Move the support to the area you’d like the backdrop to be.
  2. Add your main fabric, drapery, printed image, etc., to your backdrop. This piece will be the “background” that you build upon.
  3. Begin to incorporate your other decorative elements. Consider how you want to handle layering: which things do you want to stand out the most?
  4. Add final touches, adjust, and enjoy!

How Big Is a Birthday Backdrop?

Most birthday party backdrop support stands are around 8 x 10 ft, so if you purchase one, you can likely expect your final display to be around this size. 

If you create a support display yourself, it can be as big or small as you want. Still, it’s a good idea to remember that you want your backdrop to function as such and avoid making its size something that gets in the way.

How Do You Hang a Fabric Backdrop For a Party?

Depending on what sort of fabric you’re using, you may simply need to drape your material over the top of your support stand, or you may need to take more intensive measures.

Something like a printed vinyl sheet, for instance, may need some adhesive to help it stay in place. 

Even though you can also create a backdrop stand of your own with materials like PVC piping, it's best to still use professional Pipe & Drape hardware to ensure you it's safe and stable.

You can even purchase raw fabric by the yard. Simply wrap the fabric over your rod and pin it to itself so it functions like a drape or curtain.

Simple Ideas for Creating a Birthday Backdrop for Adults

Now that we’ve covered all things related to planning and setting up the perfect birthday backdrop, we can explore some of our favorite product options that can help you get the job done!

Just because the person you’re planning for is an adult doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from introducing a new level of fun into their lives. Adult birthday parties are a great opportunity to play around with different themes and design aesthetics. Capture the essence of a fun and lively birthday party with options like these:

Lush Velvet Drapery Panel: This luxurious velvet look is a great staple piece for just about any theme regardless of whether you’re going for vintage or classic elegance.

Imitation Burlap Drapery Panel: Aiming for that rustic, barnyard look? This piece is a great choice for adding natural flair like plants and lights to really tie things together.

Poly Premier IFR Drapery Panel: If you’re hosting a party at a venue that requires drapes to be flame retardant, these simple yet beautiful panels are a great choice.

Fun and Unique Birthday Backdrop Ideas for Girls

On top of the other ideas we’ve discussed, it can be fun to add some extra glamor to a birthday party backdrop, especially one for a girl! 

Glitz Sequins Drapery Panel: This blingy, sparkly fabric is great for birthday and photo backgrounds alike.

Scuba Wrinkle Free Drapery Panel: Looking for something basic that flows nicely? These wrinkle-free drapes are a wonderful choice if you’d like most of the focus of your display to be not on your fabric, but your other decor. You can also rest assured that your drapes will be crisp and smooth throughout the event, photos, and more.

Eye-Catching and Easy Birthday Backdrop Ideas for Boys

When planning a birthday party backdrop for boys, you might find it useful to incorporate more life into your drapery or fabric, especially if you feel like you’re toning down or adjusting some of your other decorative elements. 

Try bringing some contrast into your backdrop by using a patterned digital print like this in combination with things like balloons or balloon garland or simple, solid-colored letters and banners:

Hampton Checker Poly Print Drapery Panel: This classic checker design features a stunning navy and white color profile that’s perfect for the little one in your life.

No matter what you decide to go with, when you shop with Urquid, you shop only for high-quality, easy-to-use, and versatile products made for you. 


Thanks for pointing out that to ensure your safety and the stability of the backdrop stand, it is recommended to use professional pipe and drape hardware. My husband and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary three weeks from now. My goal is for the party venue to be decorated well to look elegant, so I will be sure to consider your tips. https://vipcrowdcontrol.com/crowd-control-products/pipe-and-drape.html

— Shammy Peterson