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Sectional Kits - Build A Custom Kit

Choose your Height ? Select your desired Upright Height below. For Example: If you select the "8' TALL (FIXED)" option, then your sectional kit will come with 8' Tall (Fixed) Uprights and the correct size/weight base for that upright.

Choose your Width ? Select your desired Sectional Width below. Your sectional kit will come with the correct quantity of 7'-12' wide Crossbars. For Example: If you select the "14'-24' WIDE" option, then your sectional kit will come with (2) 7'-12' Wide Crossbars.

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  • Product Description

      Build a custom sectional kit with your desired height and overall width. Our sectional kits include all the hardware necessary and are super easy to set up!


      ADJUSTABLE OR FIXED UPRIGHTS - Made from durable & corrosion resistant anodized aluminum.
       BASES w/ PINS - Heavy duty galvanized steel bases with handle & stacking slots, rounded corners, and a black powder coated finish
      ADJUSTABLE CROSSBAR - Designed for quick and easy width adjustment and made from anodized aluminum with steel hooks.

      Chart below will list your total quantities of hardware per your choice of Overall Width

      Order... Includes... Includes... Includes...
       Width Uprights Bases Crossbars
      7'-12' Wide 2 2 1
      14'-24' Wide 3 3 2
      21'-36' Wide 4 4 3
      28'-48' Wide 5 5 4
      35'-60' Wide 6 6 5
      42'-72' Wide 7 7 6
      49'-84' Wide 8 8 7
      56'-96' Wide 9 9 8
      63'-108' Wide 10 10 9
      70'-120' Wide 11 11 10
      140'-120' Wide 21 21 20
      280'-480' Wide 41 41 40

      Chart below will list what size base you'll receive depending on your Desired Height.

      Upright Size Base Size Pin Size
      * 8' Fixed (2pc w/ 1.5" Diam.) 14"x16" (12lbs) 6" Tall x 1.5" Diam.
      6'-10' Tall (2pc Adj. w/ 2" Diam.) 18"x18" (18lbs) 6" Tall x 2" Diam.
      7'-12' Tall (2pc Adj. w/ 2" Diam.) 18"x18" (18lbs) 6" Tall x 2" Diam.
      6'-14' Tall (3pc Adj. w/ 2" Diam.) 18"x18" (35lbs) 6" Tall x 2" Diam.
      7'-17' Tall (3pc Adj. w/ 2" Diam.) 18"x18" (35lbs) 6" Tall x 2" Diam.
      ** 8'-14' Tall (2pc Adj. w/ 2" Diam.) 18"x18" (35lbs) 9" Tall x 2" Diam.
      ** 8'-20' Tall (3pc Adj. w/ 2" Diam.) 24"x24" (62lbs) 9" Tall x 2" Diam.

      * Our 8' Fixed Upright is designed to break apart from the middle to create (2) two pieces for convenient storage and transportation. This also helps avoid over-sized fees during shipping.

      ** Any items that can not be packaged at 8' (96") in length or less, will include a $75.00 FedEx Over-Sized Fee in it's price. This fee is assessed by FedEx to accommodate the over-sized length of the package and is already included in the price.


      Drapery Panels are NOT included in this purchase. We offer a vast variety of designs, sizes, and colors for drapery panels. You can browse our Drapery Panels HERE


      Our Adjustable Uprights and Crossbars (Drape Supports) are rated to carry 50 pounds (22.65kg) evenly distributed per Crossbar (Drape Support). This weight rating is per 7'-12' width or crossbar. Each additional section of 7'-12' width can support its own 50 pounds.


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  • Product Details
    • Variant: 8' Tall (Fixed) / 7'-12' Wide
    • Weight: 38.0 lb
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