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Specialty Backdrop Kit - 1 SECTION

Price $ 469.99

Base Fabric (Back Panels)

Curtain Fabric (Front Panels)

Upright Height ? Select your desired Upright Height below. For Example: If you select the "8' TALL (FIXED)" option, then your sectional kit will come with 8' Tall (Fixed) Uprights and the correct size/weight base for that upright.


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  • Product Description

      Our Specialty Backdrop Line can transform any space into a gorgeous and stunning setting. This kit will include everything you'll need to build your backdrop.

      » No tools required for setup or disassemble.
      » Easy to set up, rapid height adjustments
      » All Piping surfaces have protective anodizing coating
      » Great for draping wedding decorators, event planners, banquet halls, convention centers, hotels and more.

      Our Adjustable Uprights and Crossbars (Drape Supports) are rated to carry 50 pounds (22.65kg) evenly distributed over the Crossbar (Drape Support). This weight rating is per Sectional Kit and each additional section can support its own 50 pounds.


      Uprights (Qty of 2) - You can choose your desired Upright size in the dropdown. Your Drapery Panels and Base Pin size will automatically adjust to your selected upright size. Uprights are available in 8ft Fixed, 10ft Fixed, 6'-10' Adjustable, 7'-12' Adjustable, and 8'-14' Adjustable.

      Steel Bases (Qty of 2 ) - Your Kit will include 18"x18" (18lbs) Steel Bases. Pin size will depend on your selected upright size. If your kit is in a high traffic area or you'll be adding more weight, we strongly recommend getting Rubber Base Weights for additional support.

      Crossbars/Drape Support (Qty of 2) - Your kit will include 7'-12' adjustable Crossbars/Drape Support.

      Drapery Panels for Base & Curtain Fabric (Qty of 5/4) - You'll receive a total of 9 Drapery Panels. 5 of them will be shorter and should be used as your back panels. 4 of them will be longer and should be used as your curtain panels. you can choose your colors in the dropdown. Drapery Panels are cut and sewn in the U.S.A from globally sourced fabrics (Fabric Origin: China). Below is a size guide for your drapes vs your upright choice.

       Upright Size Base Drapery (Qty 5) Curtain Drapery (Qty 4)
      8' Fixed 10' Tall 12' Tall
      10' Fixed 12' Tall 14' Tall 
      6'-10' Adj. 12' Tall 14' Tall
      7'-12' Adj. 14' Tall 16' Tall
      8'-14' Adj. * 16' Tall 18' Tall

      Crossbars/Drape Support Extension Hangers (Qty of 2) 
      - Your kit will include 3" Crossbar/Drape Support extensions. 

      Drape Ties (Qty of 2) - Your kit will include 3 Drape Ties. These are made with a strong Velcro backing and are available in Silver or Gold.


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