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Protective Barrier Walls

Price $ 169.00

Height ? Select your desired Upright Height below. For Example: If you select the "8' TALL (FIXED)" option, then your sectional kit will come with 8' Tall (Fixed) Uprights and the correct size/weight base for that upright.


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  • Product Description


      Our Isolation/Barrier walls are designed to provide solutions to help businesses and organizations enforce social distancing and provide a safer atmosphere for their clients. These barrier walls are simple & quick to set up and require no tools! They include durable Vinyl panels that are easy to clean and sanitize. You can also connect additional barrier walls together to create multiple configurations (for example, you can connect 2 barrier and make an L shape, or 4 barrier to build a cube or room).

      » Free Standing Isolation/Barrier Wall
      » Clear Vinyl Panels • Easy to Clean and Sanitize
      » Quick and Simple Set-Up • No Tools Required
      » Ready to ship within 1-2 business days
      » Can add additional Barrier Walls to build multiple configurations

      Ideal for Offices, Schools, Gyms, Restaurants, Hair & Nail Salons, Casinos, Churches, and many other businesses and organizations.

      Give us call for help with configurations or other solutions. Reach us at 800-590-9508 or email


      Qty 2 - Uprights (choose your desired size)
      Qty 2 - Bases & Pins (we'll give you the correct base for the upright you choose)
      Qty 1 - Crossbar (Adjustable from 4'-7' / Recommended use: 48" wide)
      Qty 1 - Vinyl Panel (Height will max your upright size)

      Base and Vinyl size vs your choice of upright...
       Upright Size Included Base & Pin Vinyl Panel Height
      8' Tall (Break-Apart) 14"x16" (12lbs) w/ 6" Tall Pin 8' Tall + 4" Rod Pocket
      4'-7' Tall (Adjustable) 14"x16" (12lbs) w/ 6" Tall Pin 7' Tall + 4" Rod Pocket
      7'-12' Tall (Adjustable) 18"x18" (18lbs) w/ 6" Tall Pin 12' Tall + 4" Rod Pocket


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