Glitz Sequins

September 12 2017 – Ira Bar

Glitz Sequins Fabric: Versatility at Its Best
Decor is one of the most important elements of any space. It defines the theme of the entire event and can create an environment that is both inviting and pleasant to the eye. Our Glitz Sequins table linens can do just that for any special occasion that you are planning. As an event planner, these tablecloths & overlays would be perfect for a wedding or bridal party. No matter what the occasion, let us provide you with high quality decor that will satisfy both you and your clients on their special day.

Our Glitz Sequins fabric can help you achieve the look you're envisioning for that special event such as wedding or bridal party. The Glitz Sequins is a high quality Grade A 100% polyester fabric which has overlapping sequins clusters throughout. These linens are also U.S. Made so you can expect top quality and workmanship. The Glitz fabric can be ordered by the yard or it can be made into any of the following products offered. This fabric can be made into beautiful table linens, tablecloths, overlays, and table runners to make the tables at your venue absolutely stunning. These items would be a perfect compliment to your wedding decor or for bridal parties. Any wedding or event planner would love these items as an absolute must have for their weddings or events. They are great quality which means they will last a long time and can be used over and over again. We guarantee that any bride or host will truly enjoy the look of the Glitz Sequins fabric.

The Glitz Sequins collection would also look fabulous if made into drapery panels or curtains. We suggest using these items in a hotel banquet hall or conference room where different occasions will take place. This fabric will no doubt take your breath away and will give the room a warm, inviting feel. 

Another great feature of this product is that it is available in a variety of colors. The Glitz Sequins collection is available in 29 popular colors. Some of the top color choices that can absolutely compliment any room are the colors blush, champagne, silver, or gold. These four colors are everywhere right now. They're an absolute favorite because they can be both feminine and neutral which means they are perfect for any event or occasion.

One idea if you are an event planner, is to implement the Glitz fabric into corporate events you are planning because the fabric is so versatile and can be used for both casual and formal occasions. Another fun idea is using the Glitz fabric as backdrops to dress up a room a bit more. Some rooms just need that wow factor because the walls may not be the right color for the event. Most of the time we are unable to change the wall color at a moments notice, adding a backdrop is the best solution.

This Glitz Sequins fabric is stunning. The best part is being able to purchase it by the yard or as a product sewn just especially for your event in a variety of sizes and shapes. There are endless options to use this fabric. It is an absolute guarantee that the Glitz fabric will be your go to fabric time and time again for any affair you are planning.